3 Shuldan Tower in Crimea

Shuldan Tower in Crimea

Posted on February 1, 2015 by tim

A blogger Sergey has visited a “very special” as he calls place in Crimea called Shuldan. It has a rock standing monastery and this tower is its chapel. Sergey has made some  photos there, so let’s see what’s this place is about:

Sergey says that to get to the tower it takes to take a trip on foot thru the valley and then up to the hill.

Also thru the forest.

On the foothill there are the dwellings of the monks who try to restore the monastery and the tower by their own means.

Here is how they live, also right inside of the rock.

And those wooden stairs lead to the top and to the chapel.

People often think that this tower is a piece of medieval architecture but actually it was built just ten years ago by the people who were coming to the monastery to try to fight their drug or alcohol addiction thru the labor. However later Ukrainian ministry banned them from doing such sort of things as it has to be licensed.

A balcony.

Juniper bush is around. “It smells so good!”, says Sergey.

“This place is worth to wait for the sunset”, says the blogger, “You can see the land up to 25 kms ahead to the shore of the sea and Sevastopol city”.


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  1. Rob Normann says:

    Beautiful and great shooting.

  2. Erik says:

    Great pictures ! Thanks to Sergey and English Russia

  3. Pravoslavlje says:

    God bless the orthodox church

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