4 New Ukrainian Tank

New Ukrainian Tank

Posted on February 1, 2015 by tim

Ukrainian tank factory in Kharkiv presented a new vehicle these days – their take on a tank mixed up with a ligher armored fighting vehicle. They gave it the name BMP-64 and for now only two test specimen were produced, both of them are on those photos. Just a few photos but maybe you want to take a look what Ukrainian military is up to now:

Also, here is an infographics on the subject:


It’s in Ukrainian language but what can be understood that it’s crew is three people, it’s weighs 34.5 ton and the engine is 700 horse power.

At least it looks pretty nice.


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4 Responses to “New Ukrainian Tank”

  1. Blob says:

    This is from 2012, so Viktor Yanukovych, aka russias best buddy time. Refurbished T-64 into cheap BMT. Never got picked up by the military.
    It was a great idea, tank engines and the frame does not change much over time. It would have been cheap and most of the problems the T-64 had were already solved.


  2. jesus says:

    it looks ok…

  3. Darkness_99 says:

    The upgraded T-64 was ok (drivable, and the guns were operational =), the only drawback was the price – unacceptable even for pre-war Ukraine. But the APC was able only to drive around – the turret was a mock-up welded from non armor grade thin steel, with all targeting systems and other stuff missing. The interior of the vehicle was also empty, except for the driver station.

  4. Hussar says:

    Looks very Israeli. Merkava like. Makes sense as the jews run Ukraine now.

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