10 Lugansk City Library

Lugansk City Library

Lugansk and Donetsk are main news making points in Eastern Ukraine of last year - here is a view of Lugansk city library these days. Looks
like nobody is interested in reading anymore there. Or at least can't afford visit a library, as its closed and in bad state.

12 Futuristic Sci-Fi Vehicles on Soviet Science Magazine Covers

Futuristic Sci-Fi Vehicles on Soviet Science Magazine Covers

In Soviet Russia there was a magazine called "Technica Molodezh" which is translated as something like "Technology of the Youth". And sometimes this magazine's cover featured the vehicles that would possibly
be roaming our Earth in the near future. Some of them are pretty interesting, and basically all were wrong in predicting how the technology would look now, but still we can browse them here:

3 Soviet Sochi in 1980s

Soviet Sochi in 1980s

Sochi was a summer destination for millions of Soviets in the 1980s. They didn't have the right to travel abroad so the only way to stay in the comfort of hot sun and salty water were the Black
Sea cities, and Sochi was considered be a crown jewel amongst them. "If I was rich I would live in Sochi" was a famous Russian proverb. So here is how it looked at that time:

11 Secret Russian Helicopter MI-10PP

Secret Russian Helicopter MI-10PP

Only two of these helicopters have survived until now -
they are huge Russian transport helicopters, MI-10PP.

12 New Year on the Red Square

New Year on the Red Square

If in New York there is a crowd in Times Square during the New Year countdown then in Moscow it's Red Square where people flock to. Alexander, the blogger, decided to go there too and take some photos so we all now can see
what's going on in Red Square on the night when the date and year changes. Some comments he heard there were pretty racist, some people were very angry, looking inside this posting you'll understand why!
3 Unathorized Penetration To The Helicopter Base

Unathorized Penetration To The Helicopter Base

It's always interesting to be at an airfield with old helicopters and aircraft. This one has recently been extended by one more
parking rank. So we are going to the place located not far from St. Petersburg to see some more abandoned vehicles.

6 KA-15G Amphibious Helicopter

KA-15G Amphibious Helicopter

Here we have a few rare shots of a one-of-a-kind Russian Soviet KA-15G amphibious
helicopter that could land on water. You can click on the photos for the larger versions.
4 Meanwhile in Donetsk

Meanwhile in Donetsk

  Meanwhile in Donetsk people celebrate New Year too... Break dance and rapping with guns
and Christmas tree, infants crying and young women giggling. All this is in this video.

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