3 Russian Village Paris has got an Eiffel Tower Replica

Russian Village Paris has got an Eiffel Tower Replica

In Russia there is a village called "Paris". People got used to this loud name their village has. Until one day some "funny guys" from the cellular company has got this thought coming to their minds: "We need to put a cell phone tower in the village of Paris. So why don't we put it shaped like real
Eiffel tower? Just for fun?". That's the type of people work of that cellular company. So they went to the manager counted everything and it turned out that to build such a small Eiffel tower replica was twice as cost their regular dull normal cellphone tower, so they built it:

7 Previous Russian Tsar: Large Photo Collection

Previous Russian Tsar: Large Photo Collection

A huge photo collection of previous Russian Tsar Nicholas II. He is doing on this photos all sorts of things, like on the first photo giving a smoke (?) to his
daughter? And inside many many other of sometimes normal sometimes even weird photos, like making funny faces with his friends. See it all inside:

5 Soviet ZAZ Super Car

Soviet ZAZ Super Car

Soviet car Zaporozhets or "ZAZ" - short for Zaparozhye Auto Zavod (zavod=plant) was a cult Soviet car. Cult in terms that it was hated by everyone because it was small, noisy, but same time strange looking and two door coupe. It was considered car of old people because they were given those cars for free, also people were getting them because they were the cheapest available on the market. They were air cooled, so sometimes they couldn't climb up to a steep hill. Some
kids were so embarrassed that their parents got the ZAZ so they were hiding on the backseat when on the trip around the city, lying down on the backseat sofa so that their classmates didn't see them. But not anymore! This guy from Ukraine, from the place near where those cars were originally assembled has built his version of Zaporozhets on base of the old car and it's a real head turner! See inside the process and the final result:
11 Meanwhile in Ukraine

Meanwhile in Ukraine

  A short video from Russian TV filmed on the outpost of the people who fight against Ukraine. An full scale artillery squad with
canons and supporting personnel - take a look pretty unreal for the place which was a peaceful land for over 70 years.
66 From Peace to Pieces in Twenty Seconds: UPDATED

From Peace to Pieces in Twenty Seconds: UPDATED

  This dash cam video is really short just around 20 seconds, but it might be the most dramatic of all of them. It shows what terror is really like about. Just imagine a car driving on a normal day in a normal residential area in civilized Europe, kids go to school etc. - just your everyday peaceful scene. And then suddenly a few grad
missiles fall from the skies right on the road smashing everything around and your peaceful day is not anymore. Really terrifying. And yes, its Ukraine, Mariupol city, previously much unaffected by the shootings, so it was a really unsuspecting peaceful driver in a peaceful area.    Highly recommended to watch:

7 Inside of the Volcano Tolbachik

Inside of the Volcano Tolbachik

Going inside a caldera of Tolbachik volcano - this team of the few bloggers and explorers travelled right inside this active volcano. "We were wandering two days across those Martian landscapes", remembers one of the tourists, the photographer, "I couldn't believe that this is a landscape of the
Earth - it is that unusual and I never thought anything like this before". So would you like to see the burned lands of the Tolbachik too? Then thanks to Dmitry Chistoprudov and Nickolai Rykov, the photographers who took those pictures, we can see what they saw inside there.

5 Novoafonskaia Cave: The Only Cave that Got a Metro Line in It

Novoafonskaia Cave: The Only Cave that Got a Metro Line in It

So Novoafonskaia cave in Abkhazia is that large that it really has  got a metro train line serving it. It is a pretty recently discovered cave - it first came to public attention in 1961. Then in 1980s it became popular Soviet tourism destination. In order to reach the most interesting parts of this natural cave they have made a manmade tunnel
with a real subway train - but smaller in size - to bring the tourists directly in the interesting part without walking for long under ground. Want to see this? Thanks to the photographer Igor Litviski who went there and took the photos we can virtually take a trip inside this natural wonder too. On a train. Let's go:
7 Large Russian Submarines Topped on a Boat Traveling thru Arctics

Large Russian Submarines Topped on a Boat Traveling thru Arctics

  We had once a few photos from those huge Russian submarines traveling thru Arctics loaded on top of the boat. But it was just their departure and there were just a few photos posted. The photos were made from a distance and no much detail seen. Now the company that was making their repairs has
published much detailed photos of the boats, both from a distance and very up close like the photo above. If you are eager to see those giants mounted on a even bigger ship thats usually is being used for transporting the oil rigs and their pieces, then welcome inside:

1 On the Set of a Soviet Movie 1966

On the Set of a Soviet Movie 1966

In 1966 Life magazine for some reason was invited on a set of Soviet hit movie Aibolit-66 about cult animal doctor that was a hero of Russian books cartoons and TV series. If you want to take a look then see it inside of this post. It was filmed on a
warm Russian coast of probably the Black and Caspian seas - which should have been mimicked Africa, as the Doctor, the antagonist went to Africa to save animals and fight evil guy Barmalei which was played by the director himself.

8 Russian Wooden Palace: Eighth Wonder of the World

Russian Wooden Palace: Eighth Wonder of the World

Some call this Russian wooden palace "An Eighth Wonder of the World". At least they say the foreigners in 16-17th centuries arriving to the place were calling it like this. We won't go that far regarding its modern incarnation, however the place is really different from
everything you are used to see and is said to being an exact copy rebuilt of the wooden palace of Russian Queen Ekaterina the Great.  They say that the original building was made without any single nail used. Let's see it in more detail and unclose:

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