0 Russian Army Mobile Laundry

Russian Army Mobile Laundry

Posted on January 29, 2015 by tim

Denis, the blogger has visited a some sort of military exhibition and among all other stuff he saw the mobile laundry which Army and some police forces are now starting using in Russia. So the soldiers don’t have to walk in dirty cloths and can get a nice shoe shine at any time. Let’s see what’s inside:

So this is the tech specs sheet and the look of it out in field. Painted in camo as a tank so that not be that flashy too.

Tons of racks like in your normal dry cleaner shop.

There are bars on the window so that if someone’s going to sneak up into the camp at night couldn’t steal the uniforms and don’t pretend  they are the good guys.

Yes here it is from the outside.

It has its own inventory number.

And here soldiers can also iron their cloths and make some sewing for the loose buttons etc.


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