0 Pet Penguin in Krasnoyarsk Park

Pet Penguin in Krasnoyarsk Park

Posted on January 29, 2015 by tim

A few month ago a real penguin hatched in one of the parks in Krasnoyarsk city. He has his own open top cage and attracts lots of visitors from the city who come to see a real penguin in the city park. They feed him with real fish and wait while the two black spots on his chest grow bigger – they say this indicates that he is ready to swim in the pool. Inside we have more photos and a video:

They say it doesn’t matter that he’s a penguin, he doesn’t like the cold weather and in the winter he lives inside one of the park’s structures.

He has got a few of his favorite toys, including one that makes funny whistles.

Scroll down for a video too:


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