14 Missile Got into an Apartment

Missile Got into an Apartment

Posted on January 29, 2015 by tim

Like, someone was watching TV then boom – and his house has got a missile type “Smerch” or “Whirlwind” in English. “It’s big luck it has failed to explode”, tell the local, “or there was nothing to photograph here”. And yes, it’s in Ukraine, these days.

Want to see a few more photos – they are inside of this posting:


And this is the system used to fire those small rockets. Mobile and pretty much powerful can send tens of those in just a few seconds. Great success that some of those don’t blow up.


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14 Responses to “Missile Got into an Apartment”

  1. Darkness99 says:

    The 300 mm missile from “Smerch” multiple launcher. It was a bad idea to leave these in Ukraine after the fall of USSR, it should have been taken away along with nukes and strategic bombers.

  2. Bowner says:

    No need to worry of the explosion. BM-30s don’t “explode”. They just deliver small charges to the enemy area, aka cluster missile.
    And wait, this is a propulsion module, not a warhead.

  3. vladimir says:

    Missile not blow up in home. Great success for mother Russia.

  4. Darius says:

    Did I see correctly that it actually “landed” into a ventilation pipe?

  5. petrohof says:

    high quality missile? guess someone is just hoping it doesn’t go off while they take pic.

  6. john says:

    I just hope no one died, or were hurt.

  7. Patron says:

    these missiles were lying in the warehouses of Ukraine for at least 25 years

  8. Tutan Camon says:

    Feed the war,feed the war,feed the………..

  9. CZenda says:

    I do not know… My guess would be that somebody got hold of the empty rocket pipe and used it creatively as a piping from a cooker hood. The steel mesh in the concrete ceiling does not seem to be torn and there is some PUR foam visible there.

  10. CZenda says:

    But again i am Troll so…

  11. jesus says:

    its on ebay now and ukranian-Army has bid on it!^^

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