27 Not Your Regular Russian Kids Book

Not Your Regular Russian Kids Book

Posted on January 27, 2015 by tim

If you wonder what sort of books read kids in Russia, this is an example of the book. The story based on a popular in Soviet times theme of talking cat and dog living in the village that fled there from the big city with a boy. However this edition is now called “New Order in the village of Prostakvashino” and this is what it all about:

If you want to read Russian text click for larger image. Or I’ll translate some of those.

The thing is that the animals have made their order in the village to which they previously arrived. And the old postman who tried to protect the village came to them for food and they say – you try to conquer us – why we should feed you?

Now they are digging the trenches and talking: “Where would we get weapons?” “We will buy them from the airborne forces”.

“Aunt Tamara has got a bazooka to not let them move”.

“Lets divide our spheres of influence in this village!”  said local gang.

“No, you take your share with the police”, said the talking cat, “we don’t want to share with you, get out of OUR village”.

“Chapter Four – how the airborne forces were forced into captivity”.

“Chapter Eight How we fought the mass media in Prostakvashino village”.

“Forming a cossacks regiment in the village. Chapter Nine”.

Now watching the President’s speech.

..and making their own passports and coat of arms.

The full list of the chapters.

How did you like this book?


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27 Responses to “Not Your Regular Russian Kids Book”

  1. Faith Gorodki says:


  2. Tutan Camon says:

    Good example for kids!!!!And you dont know why is war in Ukraine……

    • ISISRAEL666USA says:

      becaus John McCain Victoria Nuland, Jo Binden and other us scum visit ukraine before to set its us. puppet inside ukraine goverment ? btw its called civilwar you lil moronic troll. so stfu and get your shit straigh kid.
      do you homework b4 talkin shit
      RIGHT SEKTOR aka BANDER are FASHISHT WHO KILL OWN CIVILIANS !!! so the civiliasn dosnt have to defend themself ? btw USA is the inventor of ISIS and ISISRAEL … swallow it

      • Yeah Right says:

        > ISISRAEL

        And here I was, thinking that this times russians have the moral high ground. Nope. Same anti-semitic scum you always were. You and americans deserve each other.

  3. Froggy says:

    Sounds a hell a lot better than the Politically Correct Bull-Sh*t that the western children are currently brain-washed with.

    • giajo says:

      You are responsible for teaching your own children. If your model of parenting is to leave them staring at the TV then don’t blame anyone for them being brain-washed. Spend time with your child, teach them how the world really works and politically correct propaganda at school will only make them laugh.

      • Froggy says:

        Who talks about TV ? Controlling access to TV or computers is so easy that it is not even worth mentioning .

        Have you ever looked at children school programs ? I certainly do but how many parents ignore the PC propaganda fed to their children ?

        My son, in a Christian UK school, had his choice of Churchill as an inspiring historical figure denied because of his views on Islam and for being to “belligerent” … Too belligerent ? the very man that saved the country …

        The fact is that beside rare exceptions, an entire generation is being brain-washed in a far worst manner than the Nazis or the Communists ever did.

    • Beaver says:

      Totally Agree

    • CZenda says:

      Ugh, of course. Kids west of Putler´s Paradise are duct-taped to chairs and forced to watch propagandistic pieces full of weapons – like Timmy Time, Shaun the Sheep or Minuscule.

  4. Kirpitch83 says:

    This book is from 1997. So, has nothing to do with present events.

  5. Tommo says:

    It’s like Peter Rabbit: Tank Killer by Sven Hassel and Beatrix Potter. http://flashbak.com/peter-rabbit-tank-killer-when-sven-hassel-met-beatrix-potter-16410/

  6. mrbrewski says:

    Yet, russians still talk crap about american gun laws.

  7. Ha-ha, what a morons says:

    What a sht! No wonder russians are like they are – mad for war and killing! And always, they pick a fight with anyone weaker and smaller. No balls, no balls… But, they all get they punishment in some day. FU*KERS!

  8. Beaver says:

    Attacking weaker opponents is not an only russian attitude, by the way

  9. Turtle says:

    Kids in 1997 read this and today it is like handbook for them today. Kids 15 years ago are now-days soldiers. So there is correlation with present events. Have to admit that it is a good propaganda way to prepare population for war.

  10. Kirpitch83 says:

    Kids in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus etc. didn’t read stuff like this in 1997. The wached american films of 80’s in very bad translations, Disney’s Duck Tales, Darkwing Duck etc., played Mortal Kombat 3 (without any translation). But They seen unprecedented increase of banditism on the streets (from talking of their parents and TV) – every kid knew who is the chief criminal Boss in their town or district. They seen civilian war in Tajikistan, and seen refugees from this country asking for domation on streets. Seen war in Karabakh, seen war in Chechnya, seen terroristic acts. So, stop talcking about what I supposed to read in that time, and what I supposed to think about wars now. I’m sure that 99,9999 of 20-30 years old men and women don’t ever hear about this book. And I’m sure that The Author is connected with war propaganda or something like this (i know his political views). P.S. Sorry for my bad english, being a children of 90’s i don’t know it well – new generation (15-20) manage it much better.

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