7 Previous Russian Tsar: Large Photo Collection

Previous Russian Tsar: Large Photo Collection

Posted on January 26, 2015 by tim

A huge photo collection of previous Russian Tsar Nicholas II. He is doing on this photos all sorts of things, like on the first photo giving a smoke (?) to his daughter? And inside many many other of sometimes normal sometimes even weird photos, like making funny faces with his friends. See it all inside:


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7 Responses to “Previous Russian Tsar: Large Photo Collection”

  1. Rob Normann says:

    What an excellent collection of pictures of the Royal family. They seems so happy. At least it seems like they lived a good life before the tragic end.
    No one knows tomorrow except great God.

  2. cipri says:

    Only a few smiles in all hose photos.

    • Vera Narishkin says:

      Russians only smile when there is a reason for smiling. Posing for a photo is not really a reason for smiling. It was not the selfie generation…

  3. strannik says:

    He was not the Tsar but the Emperor of Russia

  4. David @ GlobeSaint says:

    Is Dmitry Medvedev the descendant of the Tsar?

    • Vera Narishkin says:

      No, absolutely not! All of Nicholas II’s children were murdered at the same time as he was. He therefore has no descendants.

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