7 Inside of the Volcano Tolbachik

Inside of the Volcano Tolbachik

Posted on January 23, 2015 by tim

Going inside a caldera of Tolbachik volcano – this team of the few bloggers and explorers travelled right inside this active volcano. “We were wandering two days across those Martian landscapes”, remembers one of the tourists, the photographer, “I couldn’t believe that this is a landscape of the Earth – it is that unusual and I never thought anything like this before”. So would you like to see the burned lands of the Tolbachik too? Then thanks to Dmitry Chistoprudov and Nickolai Rykov, the photographers who took those pictures, we can see what they saw inside there.

“This ground looks firm but your legs drop inside this all the time”, say Nik.

The clouds and nearby other volcanoes added to the un-Earth beauty of the place.

By the way photos are clickable for real widescreen images.

“We later found real fire inside this. The soles of my boots melted!”, says the photographer.


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7 Responses to “Inside of the Volcano Tolbachik”

  1. Andrew says:

    That’s real Mordor! Beautiful Mordor.

  2. Lucy Parker says:

    Fantastic and beautiful photos!! Thank you Nik. I would never have the courage to walk in there.

  3. Rob Normann says:

    What an incredible landscape. Our planet is amazing. Great pictures.

  4. Lev Tolstoy says:

    Many people come to English Russia for many reasons, but THIS is why I come to English Russia!

  5. Jo says:

    This is so cool. I love the pictures of the lava. When was the last time this volcano erupted?

  6. frank says:

    amazing place and amazing pictures. Very good photography. The bushels of grass that grow in between, show that there is life even in the harshest environments.

  7. Ekaterina says:

    Sorry, the link is not working )))
    And they are Dmitry Chistoprudov and Nikolay Rykov )
    Thank you!

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