7 Large Russian Submarines Topped on a Boat Traveling thru Arctics

Large Russian Submarines Topped on a Boat Traveling thru Arctics

Posted on January 22, 2015 by tim


We had once a few photos from those huge Russian submarines traveling thru Arctics loaded on top of the boat. But it was just their departure and there were just a few photos posted. The photos were made from a distance and no much detail seen.

Now the company that was making their repairs has published much detailed photos of the boats, both from a distance and very up close like the photo above. If you are eager to see those giants mounted on a even bigger ship thats usually is being used for transporting the oil rigs and their pieces, then welcome inside:

So here is this big orange ship “Transshelf” – shelf means shelf like in continental shelf – for the rigs being used offshore. 

This small boat went to meet the giants.

The small boat has delivered the representatives of the Zvezdochka plant which is going to repair the boats.

They inspected the submarines.

“It’s an unforgettable view”, says one of them, ‘You can’t see this from a shore!”

And later the ships started moving towards the shore. Here you can see already the buildings of the ship building plant they are heading to.

It took them 2 hours to arrive.

Those cranes help it to maneuver inside the docks. Two jour hours and the ship is tightly docked.


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7 Responses to “Large Russian Submarines Topped on a Boat Traveling thru Arctics”

  1. Rob Normann says:

    Very exciting pictures. Was a bit funny to see the submarine over the ship, they are supposed to be under:)

  2. Dan says:

    These look like old Subs be brought out of mothball.. Putin is building up his navy .🚣

  3. Art Krell says:

    Looks to me like these subs have been sitting idle for a very long time

  4. HR says:

    Totally awesome!!!!!

  5. Joseph M says:

    Great photos. I wonder how they go about sinking the ship to offload the subs.

  6. john says:

    Likely has compartments that flood like a sub.the water ballast submerges it to required depth and then is pumped out to raise ship again after.

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