8 Russian Wooden Palace: Eighth Wonder of the World

Russian Wooden Palace: Eighth Wonder of the World

Posted on January 21, 2015 by tim

Some call this Russian wooden palace “An Eighth Wonder of the World”. At least they say the foreigners in 16-17th centuries arriving to the place were calling it like this. We won’t go that far regarding its modern incarnation, however the place is really different from everything you are used to see and is said to being an exact copy rebuilt of the wooden palace of Russian Queen Ekaterina the Great.  They say that the original building was made without any single nail used. Let’s see it in more detail and unclose:

That’s an old painting showing the original palace in place. Later it was demolished to free space for some more modern, stone or brick buildings but now it has been rebuilt again according to the old information that survived.

Another old picture of the place. They say that it was built by two genius self taught Russian peasants who made it from scratch starting with blueprints.

In its original form it stayed for 100 years – from 1667 to 1767 then demolished by royal order. However before it was gone, reportedly,  the Russian Queen asked to take all the measurements of the building and write it down.

Two more old paintings survived.

And also a model of the palace which was pretty twisted but helped modern engineers to restore the initial scheme and plan of the building.

And so meat the new one (above) compared to the old pictures.

It is in Kolomna, close to Moscow.

It was fully rebuilt in 2010, now there is a museum. The modern one has much more difference from the original – it is built now from concrete (sigh!) and just has wooden elements from outside.

The original structure had over 270 rooms and its top towers stood 50 meter tall.

And that’s it illuminated at night.


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8 Responses to “Russian Wooden Palace: Eighth Wonder of the World”

  1. john says:


  2. Rob Normann says:

    Amazing! How beautiful it is. Would love to visit some day.

  3. Erik says:

    Simply amazing what those talented people did in their time .
    Thanks to English Russia

  4. K says:

    It’s not in Kolomna, it’s in Kolomenskoe district which is in Moscow.

  5. Ivan says:

    It is not in Kolomna, this replica is situated in Moscow, in Kolomenskoe park, and it was a palace of tzar Aleksey Mikhailovich, not of Ekaterina the Great

  6. K says:

    I also left a comment before about their incorrect information about the location, but they deleted my comment by some reason. Maybe they don’t like comments pointing out their mistakes. It’s not in Kolomna! Kolomna and Kolomenskoe are two completely different places.

  7. samakko says:

    its not in Kolomna city – too far – 100 km from Moscow
    its near underground railway station Kolomenskaya, not far from center of Moscow
    the Moscow area “Kolomenskoe” and city Kolomna are not the same
    the word KOLOMEN is a HILL on ancient suomi- finn language that was used by russians until 10 century AC

  8. samakko says:

    Ekaterina’s pallace is not too far from Kolomenskoe – 2 stations on underground railway – its called Tzaritsino and it looks more european – in same style like french & italian architecture of 17-18 century

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