5 Kamaz 63969 Armored Vehicle

Kamaz 63969 Armored Vehicle

Posted on January 20, 2015 by tim

Sometimes we post new armored vehicles they keep producing with constantly high pace – looks like each year a few of those appear, being tested, get their plates to become fully legal etc etc. And this is a new one – the KAMAZ (the biggest Russian truck building brand) 63969 model code. Want to see it inside totally ruined with automatic guns? Then you got it:

So blogger Denis went there and got this photos. They are testing those machine really hard way. You see it’s on a burned terrain with burn out paint and totally smashed but still in place windshield.

“It can stand up to 8 kg TNT under itself”, says the engineer.


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  1. ebrown says:

    This is a great war machine.
    Perfect to subjugate Ukraine.

  2. mose ivan says:

    Send 2000 pieces for the Hellenic Army respectively!

  3. Stavros says:


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