18 First Class Seats in Soviet Airliners

First Class Seats in Soviet Airliners

Posted on January 15, 2015 by tim

In Soviet Russia there was a belief that they were building a class-free society. Nobody was more important than anyone else – this was declared, just because he had more money etc. So basically Soviet transportation at time had no such categories as “First Class”, “Second Class” or other. And on domestic flights of Aeroflot – the main Soviet airline there were no first class seats. However Aeroflot was transporting people not only inside USSR but worldwide and there they had to adopt the Western standards and since early 1950s they started implementing first-class service for the rich tourist. Here we have some photos of those, including the one with a granny on the first shot resting with comfort in the first class cabin – sometimes the foreign airliners of Aeroflot were used inside Soviet Union so anybody could go to the first class seats, tovarish. Let’s see more inside: 

In 1957 LIFE magazine has made photos of the Soviet TU-104 plane first class cabin for the first time ever.  It looked more like a train – it’s on the photo above.

The dogs were allowed to be carried inside the cabin.

“Soviet people during the flight don’t drink alcohol, like the Westerners but read Marx and study” – see the photo of Karl Marx, communist ideologist on the table.

Premium lunch on TU-104.

Luxury – leather and oak panels used inside of the TU-104.

And then TU-114 was introduced and it was even more comfortable with real beds. Comforters and pillows were handed.

Another shot of those.

So traveling Soviet didn’t always mean traveling without a comfort.

Another type of first-class seating on Aeroflot at that time.

And this is a “Presidential” suite. Used to carry top Communist officials.

And this is a Supersonic TU-144. The fast one. It also had a lacquered polished leather seated red-carpeted first class.


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18 Responses to “First Class Seats in Soviet Airliners”

  1. Jim Beam says:

    525 roubles or 583 dollars, so in 60’s USD/RUB was 0.9 and today it’s 65…wow!

    It’s interesting that these times, the airliners looked like trains. Now the trains look more and more like airliners…

  2. EW says:

    This makes me nervous flying modern aircrafts, i am not afraid to fly but after watching the interiour standard on thos pictures and seen the interiour in a modern airplane i beginn to concidering about how safe the modern planes actually are… (i know they are, but still… Something here makes me feel lot more safe flying an old Veteran plane built with this standard…)

  3. Martinus van Brederode says:

    Not only did they have no distinction in “First Class”, “Second Class” – apparently they did not have seatbelts either. @EW: Imagine what happens when a take-off is rejected while everybody is lounging – lengthwise – on a large couch!

    Old airplanes certainly look more romantic, ‘classy’, comfortable. But their power reserves are less, MTBF of components is less, there’s more corrosion (no carbon/composites) and decades less of safet-experience compared to modern aircraft. Safety has definitely approved since the time these photographs were taken.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but it was probably only the elite that was able, or allowed, to fly. So no need for a distinction in class ;)

    • EW says:

      Yes, that´s true. However, i think they had seatbelts even back in time, at least in Europe.

      I will gladly pay a little bit more to sit comfotable if i had that option seen on the pictures today…

  4. Dougerty says:

    Why don’t you get someone who understands English to write your articles?

  5. john says:

    interesting photos

  6. autorollo says:

    How the hell modern flat screen TV-s ended up on those planes in 1980s?

  7. Tutan Camon says:

    Beds in the plane????OMG!They flew 48 hours nonstop to need beds like in transsiberian??????LOL!

  8. Tutan Camon says:

    Babushca sabaca na samaliot!!!

  9. BC says:

    I thought the TU-114 was a propeller plane?

  10. ebrown says:

    Only very privileged people could fly like this.
    Majority of people in the Soviet Union could not
    even dream about flying with such comfort.

    And, of course, photo with Karl Marx is staged
    for propaganda.

    • lol says:

      Did you even read the article? The first class wasn’t meant for everyone. Only foreigners and officials. The rest were lucky to be seated when none of those were on board.

  11. Pom2Ter says:

    First class back then was quite ordinary…

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