4 Russian Forgotten Village of Finvan

Russian Forgotten Village of Finvan

Posted on January 13, 2015 by tim

After the USSR collapse there were a lot of military villages abandoned all over the country.  This post is about one of such. It finds itself on the vast unpopulated reals of Eastern Russian coast – the Pacific coast. It was created as a fore post – the first point of meeting the enemy coming from the East, from the Ocean. In army plans they were ready to sacrifice this village but slow down the enemy’s advance.

Let’s see what it’s now all about over there:

So this is its location on a Google map, you can easily see the coordinates.

Also an old Soviet map of the location with a legend. The numbers mean different parts of the village we are going to look at now.

The main “population” of this village were submarines, regular diesel ones and giant atomic ones. They were leaving from here to the foreign Pacific “targets” – Australia, Africa, Indonesia etc.

So here are the docks still found there surrounded by awesome snow covered hills.

The village was considered “autonomous” as only by the means of the weekly ships the connection with the “outer world” was established.

Ships were bringing goods to shops, brought the personnel etc.

The village was pretty large, rather a small town with its own grocery stores, wholesale selling point, shooting range, school, helicopter landing, shops, warehouses etc.

The bay was protected by the artillery from both sides.

Also there is one more bay with same name “Finval” nearby – it was made so to confuse the enemy with two identical toponyms located not far from each other. “Which one shall we attack, sir??”.

Regular Soviet people were living their normal lives here, with one difference that it was deep inside the virgin nature of Kamchatka. The soldiers from different parts of USSR were serving here, from the parts that are separate countries now but before it was like one big “family”. The sport competitions were held and parades were conducted. 

After the collapse of the state people became unneeded burden and nobody cared about them. The spending on the navy and army was cut big time. The servicemen were not getting their small salary in time and started leaving finding better way to survive. In mid 1990s they removed all the submarines out of this place.

Now, not a single person lives here. And you have a rare chance to see those on pictures thanks to the enthusiasts who have visited the place.


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4 Responses to “Russian Forgotten Village of Finvan”

  1. Pom2Ter says:

    Is it near the Kuril island? Because it look a lot like Simushir which is an abandoned secret soviet submarine base in the Kamchatka and the landscape (mountains, tropical climate and pacific coast)


    • Mister Twister says:

      Tropical on the Pacific coast? Not a chance, not at the latitude.

      • Pom2Ter says:

        Well there is a volcano and hot springs on Simushir and most of the Kuril islands so it make some nice and weird climates around these islands, thats why I asked…

  2. Ota Bartos says:

    Well, this is not Finvan but Finval. Also Betchevinka or Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskyi-54. Located here https://goo.gl/maps/yijjZ

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