10 An Abandoned Space Link Station

An Abandoned Space Link Station

Posted on January 13, 2015 by tim

Aja, the blogger and the “digger” – the term they use to name a group of people who get into the “forbidden” places, mainly under ground, but not necessary, like for example this abandoned but still guarded space link satellite dish station. This one looks pretty much different from outside from the ones we got used to – the single huge antennas and nothing else – here we can see a series of big and small antennas mounted on some sort of gears etc. Let’s see what’s inside, thanks to Aja we can:

She didn’t leave much comments on what exactly she saw inside, the “diggers” going to the restricted areas are known for not being too willing to talk.

A few details we have is that the computer equipment of Soviet era which is still there – you can see it way down the page, is being imported from some “Eastern Block” countries – probably Poland. By the way see the bars on the windows – they were protecting this object a lot.

People in the comments were asking her, why so many stuff is still there, not stolen stays untouched, to which she replied that’s this place is pretty secret and pretty hard to get into, also guarded seriously.

So you are seeing something pretty much guarded, thanks to her.


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10 Responses to “An Abandoned Space Link Station”

  1. Pom2Ter says:

    That place is awesome, I wish I could visit these kind of old abandoned soviet “radio telescopes” or space link stations. The amount of cool things in there must be amazing. All the old unique gizmos that were invented only for these installations are probably in the hundreds…

  2. Roar says:

    Dear Russians….what was the reason to build the object like this? Definetly not space exploration or some nice scientific reason…Whom you were targeting?

    • Name says:

      This object was built by a group of people inside the apparatchiks to bring the soviet system down from within.

      Obviously, the wast number of abandoned sites serves as a proof that this plan succeeded.

    • Bob says:

      Who were the Russians targeting?

      Are you drunk?

      The Russians were targeting the a-holes who were targeting the Russians.

    • Aja says:

      Big Orbital Ion Cannon, control & command station.

  3. OperationDunai says:

    Soviet space link stations served the scientific community and weren’t really ‘targeting’ anybody; their purpose was to perform astronomy observations for the exploration of the solar system and to support spacecraft missions.

  4. Unidentified Person says:

    Those were enormous electric motors! I wonder how many kw the diesel generators produced? There was a picture of a small antenna inside. It was a circular polarization antenna which is used for space link satellite communications. Thanks for sharing photos, Aja.

  5. alfatanker says:

    I think this is a proof of an enthusiasms which the Soviet people pushed forward to cosmos- and they did not forget who was the enemy- the rulers of USA with their nukes…

  6. jim says:

    So many cool thiings in Russia

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