23 Ukrainian Submarine in Bad Condition

Ukrainian Submarine in Bad Condition

Posted on January 8, 2015 by tim

Even though Ukraine has sea ports, it had only two submarines in its Navy, and both are in  a condition that’s not really nice. For example, this is the Ukrainian submarine “SS-330″ which was built in 1970. In Soviet times, it served in the Pacific, but later it was transferred to Ukraine.

Want to see its horrible state in detail? Then come inside, there are photos and also a video:

This is how it looked before, in the Soviet times.

And this is it now.


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23 Responses to “Ukrainian Submarine in Bad Condition”

  1. pt says:

    Too dangerous to even contemplate taking it to sea …. scrap value only :(

  2. WWtS says:

    Typical Russian bias. Take a picture of an outdated submarine waiting to be scrapped and suggest it’s still in service. I could take pictures of dozens of such vessels in Russia and say, “These are the Russian submarine forces”, and there’d be people believing me.

    • Roar says:

      typical red nationalist….nobody said this, it is ukrainian decaying boat. Ukraine is not really a country, therefore is a technology miracle of soviets

      • Alain says:

        Another Kremlin propagandist. As I explained with many details, this is NOT an Ukrainian decaying boat but a Russian decaying boat (B380 Svyatoy Knyaz Georgiy, out of service since 2010).

        And Ukraine is not really a country, in your dreams. Unfortunately, in reality, it is a country. And Russia has lost its heart for long. Major strategic defeat for Vladimir Putin…

  3. Piotr says:

    Yes, indeed, this is what Ukraine uses these days! Nah, I do not think anyone would believe such. It is just too bad that the submarine was not modernized, made into a museum or sold long ago.

    • Alain says:

      Blatant lie as I explained. This is not Ukrainian Foxtrot U01 Zaporozhie (the only Ukrainian submarine, in hands of Russian invaders in Crimea) but Russian Tango B-380 Svyatoy Knyaz Georgiy…

      The U01 has been modernized in 2010…

      So, in both cases, Ukraine cannot use it…

    • Alain says:

      Sorry Piotr, i checked and seems to be Ukrainian submarine, the footage is from city of Kherson.

      • Alain says:

        Sorry fake Alain : the first boat is from Novorossiisk. The submarine is definitely, 100% Russian Tango B380 Svyatoy Knyaz Georgiy in bad shape !

  4. EW says:

    Seen to the normal lifespan of a modern submarine i think shé s in good condition (especially for beeing out of duty and mainteance since 25 Years), i hope someone will made a museum of her so she will be preserved for the future, both of them are deffinitly of historical interest. She´s an unike pice of history.

  5. Alain says:

    The only submarine in the Ukrainian navy was U-01 Zaporozhie, which is in the hands of Russia since one year. And it has nothing to do with these pics (easy to see, as a Foxtrot submarine, its bow is completely different).
    This one more looks like a Tango submarine, maybe Russian B-380 Svyatoy Knyaz Georgiy which has been taken out of service at latest in 2010, hence its current state.
    So it’s more likely a “russian submarine in bad condition”…

    Blatant Russian lie here, again, even if the pics are interesting…

    • petrohof says:

      perhaps that is why 380 is on tower. in any event looks to be full of water and no longer repairable, only scrap.

  6. raaa says:

    Ukraina była rządzona przez ostatnie 25 lat przez marionetki rosyjskie. I to do czego doprowadziły. Do dziadostwa.

  7. Alain says:

    Sorry Piotr, i checked and seems to be Ukrainian submarine, the footage is from city of Kherson.

    • Alain says:

      Sorry fake Alain : the first boat is from Novorossiisk. The submarine is definitely, 100% Russian Tango B380 Svyatoy Knyaz Georgiy in bad shape !

      • Pom2Ter says:

        I wrote a long reply to one of your posts yesterday Alain and when I clicked submit comment I realized my wifi had crashed. What I wrote in summary was that I searched a lot during the Russian invasion of Crimea and you seam to be right about the U-01 Zaporizhzhia being the only Ukrainian submarine up to last year. This one doesn’t seem to be the SS-310 either but you seem to be right about it being the B-380, and it also does look like it… http://www.shipspotting.com/gallery/photo.php?lid=1281293

        You should take a look there as well.
        Its reported as out of active service. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_active_Russian_Navy_ships#Conventional_attack_submarine

        • OperationDunai says:

          Pom2Ter, you made an utterly wrong decision when you decided to discuss this submarine with a teenage Ukrainian ‘expert’ who believes that ‘Ukraine existed MUCH before Moscovy was even created by Mongols’ (every single point in this sentence is blatantly wrong) and that the Russian B-380 somehow left her floating dock PD-16, despite her current condition, transformed into another submarine, made a voyage to Novorossiysk, and then appeared on these photos. The boat you’re seeing above rests in the harbour of the city of Kherson, Ukraine, since the year 1999 and is well-known among the locals; you can easily find her by her coordinates on Google Maps (46°36’29″N 32°35’24″E) and even pay her a visit. There is also a video shot in Kherson that gives you a good view of how this boat looks close up – open hatches, water inside the compartments, rust on every metallic surface, etc.: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3CGxqKetKM.

        • OperationDunai says:

          The submarine was demilitarised and sold to Ukraine by Russia; it was supposed to become part of a Ukrainian naval museum complex (here is a Ukrainian source in Russian: domik.ua/novosti/zachem-kievu-podvodnaya-lodka-n71065.html), but as usual in Ukraine, everything was ruined, the submarine was soon forgotten and turned into a heap of scrap metal.

          • Alain says:

            Thanks OperationDunai for your explanation which completes mine. Took you time (6 days !) to find it. Should have been nice to give these elements faster, don’t you think ? Yes, indeed, I incorrectly identified this ship. Which was incorrectly described from the start by the post. Hence this interesting discussion and explanation about its history :)

            Regarding the Ukrainian link, given the fact that I don’t speak Russian nor Ukrainian, I could not find it. Thanks for your help. Regarding your comments : as English Russia wrote it, this submarine is NOT SS-330. as English Russia wrote it, Ukraine DOES NOT have 2 submarines. In fact, it currently has none, and had only ONE in the past, now in the hands of Russia. And thanks to you, we at least know why it was “transferred” to Ukraine…

            I NEVER said it made a trip to Novorossiysk (just said that the boat BEHIND it was FROM Novorossiysk). Also, the title of the article leads to wrong ideas. This is NOT a Ukrainian (active) submarine and never has been. It is not even a (former) Ukrainian submarine, as it has never been listed in the Ukrainian Navy. If we follow your ideas, France still uses diesel submarines : what a joke !

            And finally “as usual in Ukraine, everything was ruined” just makes me laugh. No need to leave this website, English Russia, to see that “as usual in Russia, everything was ruined”. In fact, in former USSR, only Belarus seems able to keep things in order…

            Anf finally, for a final laugh, a little picture about the huge investments mighty Russia does in Crimea :

            • OperationDunai says:

              Much to your bitter disappointment, it took me about six MINUTES to find the information about this submarine and confirm her whereabouts, not to mention that I have found a number of citizens of Kherson who are familiar with the boat, and even one of her former crew members.

              ‘This is NOT a Ukrainian (active) submarine’–
              of course NOT, since it has never been enlisted in the Ukrainian Navy; the boat was supposed to be adapted for civilian use as a floating museum, pretty much like the legendary ocean liner SS America that was sold and towed to Thailand to become a floating hotel in 1993.

              ‘If we follow your ideas…’ – nowhere have I said that this submarine was ordered to active military service, so it turns out that you’re following your own ideas in the passage quoted above.

              As for Ukraine, that country has always been and remains in a much poorer condition than Russia or Belarus (even prior to the war, its GDP per capita was significantly lower than that of the other two countries – 3,900.47 USD vs. 7,575.48 in Belarus and 14,611.70 in Russia), and its recent political experiments have accelerated the situation to a worse phase.

              ‘Anf finally, for a final laugh, a little picture about the huge investments mighty Russia does in Crimea,’ he said, and the world and mankind trembled before the might of his intellect. Only a preschool kid would believe that a ‘little picture’ of a poorly painted mailbox is more important than the actual volume of investments in the Republic of Crimea (>100 billion roubles in 2015), the creation of a free economic zone, massive construction works, and a significant increase in wages (I’ve personally contacted a large number of ordinary Russians in Crimea whose wages increased by 40-80%). However, the process of integration has just begun, and it will take about 10 years to develop the region, integrate it into the Russian judicial and economic architecture, build a unified real estate market in Crimea, reconstruct its infrastructure, etc. Only time will tell, goes the old expression.

              • Alain says:

                Took me 6 minutes to refute the text of the article too (only one submarine in Ukraine, and in Russian hands since the annexation of Crimea, and this one is not SS-330 nor the U-01). But as I don’t speak Russian or Ukrainian, I could not go as far as you and was wrong for the further identification of the ship (which is a Russian decaying submarine in Ukraine). Should have used Google Image, but I thought the pics were exclusive to English Russia. Seems not. My entire mistake for this part…

                Regarding the country being poor, thanks Captain Obvious :D It is thus strange that, being so rich, Russia is unable to mend its infrastructures instead of keeping them in as bad shape as Ukraine (no, Moscow is not Russia !), while Belarus can. Any idea ? Let me guess : backhanding, bribes, waste, all up to the top of the local and national administrations.

                Regarding Crimea, of course I know the wages have increased. But so have the prices, hence canceling the effect of the wage increase (to the deception of the local population)… And, yes, it will take time to develop the region. Even more as it is disconnected for long from international financial support because of international non-recognition of the annexation (which will last as long as Ukraine does not find a deal with Russia). Of course, China, Iran, North Korea or Venezuela can try to help… But not sure they will be able to replace the Ukrainian and international tourists there (and local “government” has already explained that 2015 tourism season would be even worse than 2014).

                As you say, only time will tell…

              • Pom2Ter says:

                Good for you Mr expert… Its great you know the details about your country and thank you for sharing them with us! I’m glad we have Ukranian people here to share details about their country and translate information available in their language for others. I just wish that they still manage to do it without having a cocky and prick attitude that is degrading toward others as we are not having this attitude toward you. After all Alain and I are french but hey its fine. We probably have more knowledge about the Marine Nationale Française you’ll ever have and are just here trying to learn and find more information about the past of the soviet union navy and present relics left of it.

  8. ZeroDrop says:

    This is so sad to see this sub in this condition. Never will be repaired, it’s scrap metal only.

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