4 Abandoned Factory of Epichlorohydrin

Abandoned Factory of Epichlorohydrin

Posted on January 5, 2015 by tim

Russian blogger Armahema has travelled to some place which we don’t know much about. Again as in his previous travels (like this and this or this) Armahema has explored the place but left not much clue on where exactly is this located and what is the status of the structure. He is known for getting to the places that are still very well guarded and not easy to sneak in, so he doesn’t like to share much of information or personal detail. However we know that this is a chemical facility that used to produce substance called Epichlorohydrin. So lets see:


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4 Responses to “Abandoned Factory of Epichlorohydrin”

  1. Great, Great stuff Armahema keep this coming nice composition and what a find. We don’t ask for names or locations in situations like this, I know as I used to do the same thing but now am desk bound so leave it up to you young chaps, I hope you read this, well done.

  2. Andreas S says:

    Awesome place! Would love to go to Russia to visit and photograph abandonment buildings.

  3. Martinus van Brederode says:

    Very well done. I like monochrome in this context, I think it renders the atmosphere better than colour could.

    • Mike says:

      Bleh, screw the artsy fartsy photography, monochromatic color spacing sometimes makes this stuff easier to see.

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