4 Meanwhile in Donetsk

Meanwhile in Donetsk

Posted on January 1, 2015 by tim


Meanwhile in Donetsk people celebrate New Year too… Break dance and rapping with guns and Christmas tree, infants crying and young women giggling. All this is in this video.


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4 Responses to “Meanwhile in Donetsk”

  1. ha says:

    Listening western faschist music?:D

  2. OperationDunai says:

    That was quite a stupid joke, I admit. In modern Russia, Western culture, and music in particular, has never been labelled as ‘nazist’, ‘fascist’, ‘imperialist’, ‘colonialist’, etc. – it is only the current government of Ukraine that is sometimes referred to as ‘fascist’ by some Russian media and pro-Russian population of south-eastern Ukraine (within the former USSR, there is a long, historically-rooted tradition of labelling political cruelty as ‘fascism’; both pro-Russian and anti-Russian Ukrainians often brand their enemies – the government in Kiev or the government in Moscow – as ‘fascist’).

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