11 Nice Looking Small Church on the Island

Nice Looking Small Church on the Island

If you are into Russian fairy tales, or just want to see something splendid and pretty much unique then you should not miss this post
about a little secluded church placed on the tiny piece of land right in the middle of a huge lake. Let's see it in detail!

4 Aircraft Repair Plant No 514

Aircraft Repair Plant No 514

Marina Lystseva aka Fotografersha, another Russian blogger, visited "Sokol" factory and Rzhevsky aircraft repair plant in Nizhny Novgorod, that has a big order for the
modernization of fifty MiG-31 fighters right now. Here we share interesting pictures featuring the repair process and stuff located at both places. We hope you'll enjoy them.
2 Four Heights of the Ostankino TV Tower

Four Heights of the Ostankino TV Tower

Russian blogger, Dmitry Rogachev, is lucky to live near the famous Ostankino tower in Moscow, however he took the chance to go there just
recently. Dmitry visited all the levels of the tower - 86, 337, 340 and 360 meters, and has been on that very glass floor.

0 At the Pulkovo Airport At Night. Illegally

At the Pulkovo Airport At Night. Illegally

A group of young people infiltrated the airport of Pulkovo for an extreme excursion. Dressed in reflective vests, they simply climbed over the fence and started to walk along the territory of the guarded planes. They took plenty of pictures, got into helicopters and planes, and had a lot of fun. Now the
administration of the airport, having seen their photos, is going to investigate the incident. The company may be finally punished. But it's probably just a reason to think about better protection of Pulkovo, isn't it? This way or another, we thank the guys for the risk and these curious images.

4 Infiltration to the Unfinished Nuclear Heating Plant

Infiltration to the Unfinished Nuclear Heating Plant

Gorky Nuclear Heating Plant started to be built in the early 1980s and was never finished for multiple reasons including public protests and the collapse of the USSR, of course. The plant hasn't been completed, the reactor unit hasn't been assembled, and fuel
was never brought... That's why the place is considered safe for visiting from the point of view of radiation hazard. The brave blogger lana-sator included this place in the list of great abandoned objects she has to see and shoot for us.

11 Winter Palace: the Main Russian Imperial Residence

Winter Palace: the Main Russian Imperial Residence

Hermitage is not only the greatest Russian museum of art, but is also an imperial residence built many years ago. Today, thanks to Andrey
(blogger deletant), we have a chance to enjoy the interiors of the palace, including those used once by the tsar's family.

2 Unexpectedly Beautiful Command Post

Unexpectedly Beautiful Command Post

Russian blogger armahema took interesting images of an abandoned command post consisting of two modules - each of them is located
deeply in a shaft whose size is 35 x 60 m.  Some places turn out to be beautiful even when we don't expect it at all...

7 Winter in Russia

Winter in Russia

So it's officially winter in Russia (though some parts were already covered with snow as early as in September this
year). And we can try looking at some of the best shots of Russian winter and nature dressed in white and blue.
25 30 Curious Facts About Russia

30 Curious Facts About Russia

Some of these facts are widely known but we think
they worth another mention here, in this post.

5 Russian Army Electric Bikes

Russian Army Electric Bikes

So, it looks like the Russian army is going to get electric bikes. Also, the police are going to get them. It has batteries which enable it to run for a distance of 320 km. Also, three
sorts of batteries can be used: "uphill", "speedy" and "long distance" depending on what sort of task needs to be solved. Let's see a police version of the electro bike:

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