10 Residential Areas of Pripyat: Forests In Place of Streets

Residential Areas of Pripyat: Forests In Place of Streets

"What photos people make in Pripyat or Chernobyl? Usually those are some well known land marks you can see on every photo - abandoned amusement park, a movie theater etc. All those landmarks are in one place and usually Chernobyl tours don't let people wander somewhere else. However personally I was always interesting in some "underground" Chernobyl life - places where you
could see day-to-day life of the people back in year 1986 (when the power plant exploded). So today during our trip to Pripyat we will go to these residential areas and will see the forests which has grown on the city lawns and other things", says Maxim, the visitor of the Pripyat area. Would you like to see this too? Then welcome inside!  

3 Sneaking Illegaly into Nuclear Power Plant

Sneaking Illegaly into Nuclear Power Plant

Remember those guys who sneaked illegally into St.Petersburg largest civil airport and wandered there, touching the planes and stuff? Now same group of guys made another trespassping endeavor, now into the nuclear
power station near same city - St. Petersburg. They were able to climb the huge chimneys and even get into the reactor building and make everywhere photos, selfies etc. We have some photos inside!

4 Ice Frozen Spheres Along Russian Baltic Coast

Ice Frozen Spheres Along Russian Baltic Coast

People at the Russian Baltic sea coast near St. Petersburg found one morning that ice had frozen into almost perfectly shaped
spheres along the coast. Alexander, the photographer, rushed to the sea shore to take the photos we can see here now.

6 Russian Guys on the Roofs of New York

Russian Guys on the Roofs of New York

Maybe you remember there was a group of Russian guys who climbed Dubai towers one day? They bypassed all security and sneaked on to the roofs of the tallest buildings in the country, taking breathtaking shots. We now know their names - the leader of the group is Vitali Raskalov, he became instantly popular after publishing all these crazy photos and videos and it seems that there was no roof too high for him to climb in Russia. He was even on the stars on top of those Stalin Seven
Sisters buildings one day, so we thought there is nothing he can do to surprise his audience. However, a few days ago he published some new photos, and once again, these ones are breaking what we previously thought to be impossible. Those daredevils, Vitali and his friends, has travelled to New York City and illegally trespassed on some of the most famous and tallest buildings of the city to take selfies on top of them. Here we have the whole set!

2 Christmas Moscow 2014

Christmas Moscow 2014

It looks like they have put in a big effort to spread Christmas spirit on the streets of Moscow this year. They made a lot of decorations, opened Christmas bazaars and highlighted city landmarks with lights
and ornaments. One of the most popular Russian bloggers Ilya has taken a trip around the New Year Moscow one evening recently and now we can see the streets through the lens of his camera here!

9 Soldier Should Always Has Things to Do

Soldier Should Always Has Things to Do

"A Soldier should always have something to do" - people who served in the Russian army know this saying. Just imagine secluded army bases all over the country, sometimes inside taiga forest, etc, hosting hundreds of young men. Of course,
they are pretty much occupied doing training and study, but also for some reason, generals and officers are very obsessed with the strict order of things. So soldiers really are kept occupied, especially when its snowing.

2 Odessa 1982 In Pictures

Odessa 1982 In Pictures

Thanks to a blogger charsov we have a chance to show you these memorable images of Odessa in 1982. It's time to get
nostalgic! In Soviet Russia, Odessa was an object of constant jokes because of a large Jewish community.

4 Siberian Winter in the Settlement of Gold Workers

Siberian Winter in the Settlement of Gold Workers

What forms the real Siberian character? You will never know until you come to a place like this. It is formed by constant snowfalls, frost, -30C, neverending winds... And people do live here never even thinking about another,
more comfortable and warmer life... A Russian blogger Ilya Stepanov (fotomm) came to the settlement Priiskoviy of goldworkers just for a week and he would probably have no desire to stay there any longer...
5 Nortern Sea Route: the Caravan of Military Ships

Nortern Sea Route: the Caravan of Military Ships

Dmitry (dmitry-v-ch-l) has shared these pictures of the Northern Fleet ships guiding nuclear icebreakers along the Northern Sea Route to Kotelny island and back. September 11,
east of the Kara Sea, icebreaker "50th Victory anniversary" and icebreaker "Vaigach" meet the caravan of seven ships that will accompany them, moving line astern.

2 Man From Belarus Keeps Crocodile As Pet

Man From Belarus Keeps Crocodile As Pet

Bezodnitsa village near Minsk, Belarus is getting ready for the New Year holidays. People heat their bath houses, decorate trees, and remove snow from their yards... And just like
other busy locals a Nile crocodile, Gena, looks forward to celebrate the upcoming holidays too. He observes the world from the 2 x 0,5m terrarium and looks rather happy.

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