11 An Abandoned Interplanetary Communication Link Centre

An Abandoned Interplanetary Communication Link Centre

"Tens of kilometers thru the snow, on foot. Barely walkable path thru the forest. Holding our breath we understand with each step we are getting closer and closer to the object. The place we made all this way is just around the corner". - this is how Ulter1or remembers his trip to this huge satellite abandoned complex deep in the woods. He, is like the other
explorator Armahema, doesn't give away his real name - they explore the places that are often forbidden to enter, so the secrecy might be a must for them. However the photos he bring back are purely awesome. Massive post inside, a huge - over 25 meters (or 75 feet!) in diameter abandoned scientific satellite dish  just around the corner!

6 Army Scout Vehicle as a Taxi in St. Petersburg

Army Scout Vehicle as a Taxi in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg, Russia: Now you can get a taxi ride on a BRDM vehicle, that can go on the water as easy as it goes on the paved road. No joke - a company has fully certified some
of the BRDM's for be used as city taxis. One of the good sides of this - you not always need a road to make a shortcut to your destination. Let's see bit more inside:

4 Soviet Children on Old Photos

Soviet Children on Old Photos

Sometimes we post the old photos of Soviet kids, but then we find some more and can't resist to post some more. Like this new set of the kids from
different years and places of the Soviet state, mostly taken by professional photographers. Some of those black and white, some in color.

7 One Old Ambulance Soviet Retro Car Restored

One Old Ambulance Soviet Retro Car Restored

One guy in Ukraine had a dream to find the old and very rare Soviet GAZ-13 "Chaika" (or "Seagull") luxury car which was used (very rarely!) as an ambulance. He
spent lot of time searching for a car, as their pretty much rare to buy. Finally het got one and started the repair works. See what he got as a result:

3 Snow Storm in Vladivostok [updated]

Snow Storm in Vladivostok [updated]

So now winter has hit Vladivostok really hard. See this picture above? It's an intersection in the middle of the city. The
traffic light is probably 10 feet above the ground (3 meters). So that's how much snow is there now! See more photos inside:

7 Up Side Down Houses

Up Side Down Houses

Lately in Russia the trend to build up side down houses has emerged. As far as I understand the sole purpose of those is to make cool photos - both outside and inside, so a few was built in
different Russian cities. Like in St. Petersburg they already have a few of those. And thanks to the photographers we have some photos of those from different parts of Russia.
9 29 Best Photos of the Month from Russia

29 Best Photos of the Month from Russia

  Today we have an interesting selection of photos from the competition which each month is held by Russian website photosite.ru. Each month they keep a contest for the best submitted photos and the photographers submit them. Some of
the photos are really stunning, like this one on top is not a painting but a photo made this winter near St. Petersburg by Eduard Gordeev and is called "Boat Sedov thru the frosty myst". We have more like this inside!

1 Russian MI-17 Simulator

Russian MI-17 Simulator

New MI-17 helicopters require pilots with new skills so the helicopter factory in Ulyanovsk, where those copters are made opened a training center with MI-17 simulations consisting of real world MI cockpit and many other parts that come from real helicopters
which gets mixed with immersive high resolution projectors which create a presence effect and other high tech stuff. Armen, the blogger has got chance to visit a place and made those photos, so let's take a look how it looks and "flies":

9 Sneaking into an Active Russian Bomb Shelter

Sneaking into an Active Russian Bomb Shelter

Armahema can be called a Banksy of Russian urban bloggers - he is always on a track to some forbidden highly guarded places. What differs him from many others that he often visits the places that even not yet abandoned but fully active and guarded. He gets in there like in his own house, turns the lights on
and makes those awesome photos showing the objects like they are. Then leaves and publishes his photos. This time Armahema went to one of the active bomb shelters. He doesn't like put much text with his photos, probably due to security reasons. So here is his photo set and no comments.

7 A Parent of the Year?

A Parent of the Year?

One Russian dad told this story: "When I was a kid, my dad has made me a New Year costume (in Russia children sometimes dress for New Year party like in Helloween). This was not a regular costume, but one of a Russian cavalerist - Hussar. Then when I went to the school I
was a hero - half of school came to see my costume, students and teachers, all alike flocked to touch it, ask where did I get it etc. Now I have a little boy son and I wanted to do something similar. So I made this". What did he make? Let's see inside!

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