7 Russian Guys Illegaly Sneak into the High Speed Electric Trains

Russian Guys Illegaly Sneak into the High Speed Electric Trains

Posted on December 26, 2014 by tim

Do you remember a group of guys who sneaked into the St. Petersburg international airport "Pulkovo"? The same group that illegally passed inside the Nuclear Power Plant? It looks like they have a name now and they call themselves "The Intrusion" and they took the selfies inside one of the most expensive and best guarded trains in the world - the Russian "Sapsan" speed trains. Let's see more inside, there is a video of them sneaking in too:

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"The most difficult task was to find the vulnerable spot in this highly guarded area.", say the guys. "We spent over two and a half hours inspecting the secured perimeter. Finally we got what we were looking for!".

Through the hole in the wall the guys sneaked inside. Right above their intrusion point there was a guard's video camera, but the security didn't notice anything.


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7 Responses to “Russian Guys Illegaly Sneak into the High Speed Electric Trains”

  1. Rob Normannn says:

    Excitement for young teens. When one grows older you just don’t bother this type of behaviour. But congrats and good that you showed the world the “hole” and we cross our fingers that uncle blue or black won’t knock at you door later.
    I liked it ;)

  2. screwed001 says:

    It doesn’t make sense, Why do you sneak in illegally then show you’re faces?

  3. petrohof says:

    obviously NOT the best guarded train in the world!!

  4. wladyslaw says:

    >“After we published these photos, the security of the train depot called us and asked us to tell them about the vulnerabilities.”

    In Poland they’d be imprisoned for at least 6 years. Simple trainspotting can get you a 115 EUR ticket or jail time.

    God bless Russia.

  5. patriot? says:

    The US embassy and ambassador Thefft thank you for your effort and will pass on your experiences to his Wahhabi & ISIS friends. He is reportedly thrilled that you are helping him “opening up Russia for western democracy” for free, but are offering you a big sum and green cards and a nice place in Malibu for entering military sites especially nuclear ones

  6. rostit says:

    Good for them! I hope they can turn their talent for intrusion into a company for advising security firms.

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