1 Russian MI-17 Simulator

Russian MI-17 Simulator

Posted on December 16, 2014 by tim

New MI-17 helicopters require pilots with new skills so the helicopter factory in Ulyanovsk, where those copters are made opened a training center with MI-17 simulations consisting of real world MI cockpit and many other parts that come from real helicopters which gets mixed with immersive high resolution projectors which create a presence effect and other high tech stuff. Armen, the blogger has got chance to visit a place and made those photos, so let’s take a look how it looks and “flies”:

Besides the simulator itself there are classrooms where pilots study theory and parts of the helicopter.

And now the training. Before I remember similar aircraft training simulators had used the screens instead the windows. But here the windows are in place but the projection of the picture goes on the curved screens around the machine.

So it gets more “real”. The pilots train regular flights and also they get trained in emergency.


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  1. Jon says:

    So many fascinating things to see when you don’t have to deal with the culture of secrecy we have here in the US.

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