10 Residential Areas of Pripyat: Forests In Place of Streets

Residential Areas of Pripyat: Forests In Place of Streets

Posted on December 16, 2014 by tim

“What photos people make in Pripyat or Chernobyl? Usually those are some well known land marks you can see on every photo – abandoned amusement park, a movie theater etc. All those landmarks are in one place and usually Chernobyl tours don’t let people wander somewhere else. However personally I was always interesting in some “underground” Chernobyl life – places where you could see day-to-day life of the people back in year 1986 (when the power plant exploded). So today during our trip to Pripyat we will go to these residential areas and will see the forests which has grown on the city lawns and other things”, says Maxim, the visitor of the Pripyat area. Would you like to see this too? Then welcome inside!


For example this was a school of Pripyat. School #1. It was one of the first buildings in the town that started collapsing – water freezes and breaks the bricks from inside.

Near the school one can see the school desks remnants.

One more desk, with a projector sitting on top.

Right next to it there is a protection costume – the one is used to protect oneself from chemical and radioactive rains. Maxim says that you better don’t touch those as they might come from the cellars where the radioactive toxic costumes were dumped of the firemen who were fighting fires in the first days of the disaster.

Another entrance into a school. You can see the heat radiators lying on the ground, and the window is broken, probably in that times when the door still was locked.

Some other old things are dumped in the yard. Maxim says you better not touch this stuff also as it might be toxic.

Plants sneak inside the windows of this apartment complex. Birds have nests on these trees which grow on something that was a nicely mowed lawn before.

The regular entrance into apartment building in Pripyat looks like this now.

Sometimes inside the forest you can see some ruins. Before this was not a forest but another street with a mowed lawn and the ruins were just a small shop.

Sometimes you can see the pay phones. Now they look like they were built in the forest, but before it was not a forest at all.


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10 Responses to “Residential Areas of Pripyat: Forests In Place of Streets”

  1. Texas1 says:

    This is how all of Russia will look after new U.S. sanctions.

  2. Erik says:

    Remarkable pictures of a tragedy . Lives and futures
    lost .
    Thank you for bringing back the memories and not
    forgetting .
    Thank you

  3. Jon says:

    Nah! The sanctions are forcing Russia to do what it should have done years ago and that is to develop it’s own resources and not be dependent on trade with the west. It is backfiring on the US empire. I just hope the idiots don’t attack militarily.

  4. Boris says:

    Russians can only manage to make matryoshka dolls and flatulence.

  5. Lucy Parker says:

    Thanks Maxim for recent photos!

  6. Lucy Parker says:

    Look people, enjoy the posts on this site and stop with the political crap!

  7. FPS_Hungary says:

    If you look closely in the picture you can see Putin molesting a goat…

  8. kinder garden cop says:

    2/2 claen sidewalk, lime threatment on trees… somebody cares?

  9. Mark says:

    Please stop the childish political attacks. People with hopes, dreams and families lived and died in this horrible nuclear accident. Read up on the Chernobyl nightmare and realize that real heroes died to save all of humanity from a potential nuclear Armageddon!

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