6 Russian Guys on the Roofs of New York

Russian Guys on the Roofs of New York

Posted on December 15, 2014 by tim

Maybe you remember there was a group of Russian guys who climbed Dubai towers one day? They bypassed all security and sneaked on to the roofs of the tallest buildings in the country, taking breathtaking shots. We now know their names – the leader of the group is Vitali Raskalov, he became instantly popular after publishing all these crazy photos and videos and it seems that there was no roof too high for him to climb in Russia. He was even on the stars on top of those Stalin Seven Sisters buildings one day, so we thought there is nothing he can do to surprise his audience.

However, a few days ago he published some new photos, and once again, these ones are breaking what we previously thought to be impossible. Those daredevils, Vitali and his friends, has travelled to New York City and illegally trespassed on some of the most famous and tallest buildings of the city to take selfies on top of them. Here we have the whole set!


Here you can see Vitali or one of his friends. This is what they remember about this trip:

“The trespassing laws in America are very harsh. Especially in NYC, the local authorities want to jail people for sneaking on to the roofs. The worst thing is that they would confiscate your passport while the case is being investigated. So you have to pay lawyers, etc. In Russia you just pay $10, or just bribe the policeman on spot.”.

“Our sponsor (cheap tickets service) gave us this talisman so we could take photos of it on top of New York”.

“We have even climbed the building of New York Government!”, recalls Vit.

“The security cameras are watched closely by the guards and they react fast!”, says Vitalii. However, as you can see he stays on top of the building and seems like he can’t care less.

“We met some local roof climbing enthusiasts, however it was too dull. They just climb a few buildings for years! If you open the Instagram of the New York roof climbers they just have the same photos of their legs on the same buildings, each of them. We decided we needed something more than that!”

What a view, huh?!


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6 Responses to “Russian Guys on the Roofs of New York”

  1. Ron says:

    In a country that is a victim of its own bureaucracy and the politicians who look for reasons to assert themselves, some guy climbing roof-tops will of course be called a terrorist, and someone else is going to lose their jobs over “security concerns.”

  2. Jon says:

    This scares the hell out of me just looking at the photos. If they fell they would starve to death before hitting bottom.

  3. Lusker says:

    Nothing new here

  4. devzero says:

    I live in the Financial District here in NYC, and have to say these are some great pictures. It’s not as if you can’t find images of Manhattan out there, as there are plenty to be found, but these do capture the essence of Manhattan very well indeed.

  5. SSSR says:

    Only in Russia…and sometimes in New York City.

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