2 Christmas Moscow 2014

Christmas Moscow 2014

Posted on December 15, 2014 by tim

It looks like they have put in a big effort to spread Christmas spirit on the streets of Moscow this year. They made a lot of decorations, opened Christmas bazaars and highlighted city landmarks with lights and ornaments. One of the most popular Russian bloggers Ilya has taken a trip around the New Year Moscow one evening recently and now we can see the streets through the lens of his camera here!

In the Moscow downtown there is an illuminated crystal ball now. People can go inside and take selfies.

Basically, they have set up a lot of props for photos  – like this Christmas decorated door – when you open it you can get the real Kremlin in the background.

This place they call “The City of Gnomes”.

Which is basically a Christmas fair. Don’t forget – the photos can be viewed full screen if clicked!

Sellers get dressed as gnomes and elves.

Street food and souvenirs.

Selfie with a pony. Why not?

iCooker. What??


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    Very beautiful Christmas/ New Year in Moscow. Lovely photos thank you!

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