5 Road in Udmurtia

Road in Udmurtia

Posted on December 10, 2014 by tim


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5 Responses to “Road in Udmurtia”

  1. Mister Twister says:

    LOL? What else there to say, really…

  2. kraken says:

    Soviet “civilization” at its best.

  3. kraken says:

    Sorry for my previous comment and please forgive me for being such a TROLLING ASS, but my handlers from NSA forced me to do so :(
    I perfectly Understand that This pictures are from Siberia, from Uninhabitated region.

    And i understand that RUSSIA is such a Great, peace loving country. I LOVE RUSSIA :)

  4. kraken says:

    still much better than DETROIT, much of U.S.
    or Alaskan roads

  5. alusjan says:

    This is what slowed germans down during the war, now im not suprised. It must be hard to live in rular part of Russia as big as country is there is no way they could pave the roads to many villages. Any russians here ? am i right ?

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