4 This Is Where Highly Demanded Rocket Engines Are Made

This Is Where Highly Demanded Rocket Engines Are Made

Posted on December 9, 2014 by team

Blogger zelenyikot visited the scientific-production association “Energomash” to see the process of creation the most demanded and most powerful liquid rocket engines. It’s exactly where the engines for Soviet-Russian rockets “Soyuz” and “Proton” were made, for Soviet-Ukrainian “Zenit” and “Dnieper”, for South Korean KSLV-1 and for American Atlas-5…

“Rocket engines of Russia”.

The demonstration hall or a little museum of the association.

Do you see a 7 cm spray on the table? That’s the thing that gave birth to all Soviet and Russian cosmos. From the very beginning there was a small group of enthusiasts of rocket production formed in 1921 and later, in 1929 turned into a gas-dynamic laboratory and finally into the scientific-production association “Energomash”.

The disk with a sphere in its center is not a model of the solar system but a model of a electrorocket spacecraft. Solar bateries were supposed to be placed on the disk. In the background are the first models of liquid rocket engines.

100% replica of a German A4 called R-1, it’s fully made from Soviet materials. At that time German was the main competitor of the USSR in the sphere of such innovations.


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