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In the Metro

Posted on December 9, 2014 by tim

Moscow traffic jams bother people of the city a lot, at least according to what they say. So Russian blogger Ilya went under the ground into Moscow’s metro to avoid his next jam. There he encountered what might be called “an underground traffic jam” with people standing in line for hours to get back to their homes after the workday is over. “You can spend more time in a subway traffic jam than in a jam on the surface!”, says Ilya. Let’s see what he saw there!

“I know some people that like the metro”, recalls Ilya, “they are constantly telling me how comfortable it is. However those people can’t even get dressed well and always look depressed and scared”.

“What an awful sight!”, says Ilya.

Sometimes you need to miss up to four trains until you can get into your train because the people before you keep getting into the train.

“There is no order at all! The more physically strong push away the weaker ones”. says the blogger.

“These people are happy they have got into the car!”

Then Ilya complains that his wallet was stolen four out of five times when he was going down into the metro.

“Use public transport they say, it’s safer and faster they say!”, says Ilya.




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8 Responses to “In the Metro”

  1. ebrown says:

    Moscow is overpopulated

  2. Steamed McQueen says:

    Crowded? At times, yes. But consider that Moscow – and indeed all of Russia’s- metro run all day, every day with a new train every few minutes or so.

    The stations are works of art. It’s generally clean and doesn’t smell of urine and feces as in many other countries. It’s an extremely safe way to travel and one can get across the city by metro in far less time than it would take on the surface.

    Not sure what the fare is these days but whatever it is it’s a bargain.

    The metro system is without a doubt one of Russia’s greatest achievements, and no trip to Russia is complete without experiencing it.

    • Andrew says:

      The stations are impressive for tourists, not for locals. It’s rather tiresome to spend 1-2 hours every day in crowding and closed noisy space. Works of art must be in museum, not in transport.

  3. Darkness99 says:

    Recently I had a chance to compare subways of Rome and Moscow, the one in Rome is small (only 2 lines), trains don’t go very often and the place is covered in graffiti from top to bottom. Lots of shady characters on outer stations =) The Moscow Metro is immense in size (and that’s just the public part of the system), trains go one after another, rather clean, but historical soviet stations need renovation (they are doing it slowly). The morning/evening rush-hour is really tough though.

    • nikoliy says:

      The problem for the subway in Rome is that every time they approve construction on new line they find some historic buried building and are unable to finish it. No joke this is a real problem in Rome. :)

  4. Darkness99 says:

    I know) And same thing for Naples, it looks like they are never going to finish some stations there because of the archeologists digging

  5. HonestED says:

    The pictures are true to life but the descriptions sound a bit like a fantasy to me. I lived in Moscow for a bit and never had issues with the metro.

    Finding a seat was difficult but even during rush-hour I rarely missed a train cause it was too crowded.

    Not to mention I never had any issues with crime on the metro, either. Hell, I lost my wallet in the metro one day and someone turned it in with the money inside (4K Rubles and 50 USD)!

  6. hrc says:

    How pathetic who took the pictures only complained about crowded subway..and no single mention of how beatiful the Metro was ..omg what a disaster.. clearly who did the above article does not live a developed nation in a busy city.. because is no different in the west.. Waiting 2-3 hours every day in a traffic jam is normal in the west every day in very busy cities.. Very unprofessional and childish report .

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