5 This Is Where Russia Borders With China and North Korea

This Is Where Russia Borders With China and North Korea

Posted on December 8, 2014 by team

Russian blogger smitsmitty had a helicopter tour over the south of Primorye (Khasansky and Nadezhdinsky districts) and took plenty of beautiful images that we have the pleasure to show you right now. Let us start with those taken over the Russian border with North Korea and China.

The Russian-Korean border stretches for nineteen kilometers and represents the shortest part of the entire Russian frontier.

The entire border of Russia and North Korea stretches along the water (17,2 km along the Tumannaya river, 1,9 km – along the estuary of the river in the water zone of the Japanese Sea).

From the side of the border with North Korea lies the Khasansky district (Primorye), from the side of North Korea – the territory of a city called Rason.

In the second half of the XIX century the border was crossed by several thousands of Korean refugees and migrants who became the ancestors of the majority of Koreans who live in Russia today.

This is “The Railway Bridge of Friendship” between the borders of Russia and North Korea. The near-border populated place is Khasan settlement.

The three border area!

The tower standing on the territory of the Chinese city Hunchun. Many Chinese people speak Russian here.

The railway station in Khasan settlement – the final point of the Trans-Siberian line.

And this is the border of Russia with China.

The real borderline stretches along the mountain range.


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  1. Richard S. says:

    I would like to see photos taken from the ground level. Is there a barbed wire fence along the N. Korean border? What about mine-fields, security ECT. How does the border with china compare to the N Korean border?

  2. john says:

    Nice country but not much happen there,

  3. Lucy Parker says:

    An interesting and beautiful tour. I love the lighthouse! Thank you smitsmitty!!

  4. the fish says:

    imagine how quiet it must be.Gorgeous just to walk around,if you ignore where you are

  5. J.Tan says:

    Is this article also available in English?

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