5 Khabarovsk City Hit with Snow

Khabarovsk City Hit with Snow

Posted on December 3, 2014 by tim

Khabarovsk city is near the Chinese border, and yesterday it experienced one of the strongest snowfalls in its history, with streets and roads and everything covered with up to two meters of snow! Just see the pics.

Open the window and here’s what you get.

This is a bank. How will you reach this bank?

A kid is in the snow.

Not too cold, just slightly below zero.

But lots of snow.

People waiting for a bus.

Cleaning streets.

Emergency vehicle that got stuck.


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5 Responses to “Khabarovsk City Hit with Snow”

  1. john says:

    thanks for the pics. that is a lot of snow

  2. Erik says:

    Winter . I wonder when spring melt will come ?
    Thank you

  3. Mister Twister says:

    Aaaahhh… the good old hot water pipelines. I miss them.

  4. L'hiver says:

    Ah, just like home. Love the guy playing guitar on the taxi. Perhaps, like Canadians, Russians appreciate that snow days are to be enjoyed, not feared. ;)

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