6 Soviet Arctic Exploration Pioneers

Soviet Arctic Exploration Pioneers

Posted on December 1, 2014 by tim

Looks like a few of our previous posts were devoted to the Arctic exploration of more recent times, however before that, in the early 20th century, there were other Soviet people who laid the foundation for the contemporary Arctic visits. The people who first reached the Northern pole, the ones who were governing uninhabited Northern territories, pioneers establishing the first Northernmost outposts. Want to take a look into the photographic story of them?

Georgi Ushakov was a chief of the deserted Wrangel island in the arctic. Here he is resting while walking through his vast landholdings.

And here is his camp. The polar bear skins hanging and drying in the short arctic summer sun.

His two buddies inside the base take measurements of each other. 1930.

In the house of the Arctic hunter. See the portrait of Stalin on the wall. 1930.


Polar pilot explorer, Fabio Farich. 

Polar pilots have brought a gramophone with them to the arctic.

Soviet plane TB-3 before takeoff from the Arctic.

Polar pilots being greeted in Red Square, 1934.

This bearded man was a popular Soviet polar pioneer, Mr. Otto Shmidt.

American pilot and Russian polar heroes in Fairbanks, Alaska, 1934

Acting in the first Arctic theater.

Icebreaker “Krasin” stuck in the polar ice. 1934.–nextpage–

People went down to help the ice breaker move. 1936.

It’s hard to release a ship from the ice.

Otto Shmidt, again – the chief of the Soviet Northern arctic way – the way across the Soviet Northern coast.

Russian famous actor in the Arctic.

This is the plane he arrived in. 

A famous Russian actor with other members of the polar expedition.

Bearded Otto Shmidt goes from the N-172 plane which brought the supplies – they have the bread in their hands. 

Two polar expeditions meet.

Explorers save the tent from the snow that buried the tent overnight.

Polar explorers on the drifting ice station.

Meeting the ship.

Icebreaking ship “Joseph Stalin” at night.

A group photo of the ship’s crew.

Russian Admiral A. Golovko during the war in the Arctic – 1941-1943.

Icebreaker Joseph Stalin leads the convoy of military ships through the Russian Northern way. 1941. The war is in the country. –nextpage–

Bear and the ships.

Vodka was a very necessary thing in the Arctic, as a warming agent. 

Arctic deer herder meets the polar explorers.  

Organizing a Soviet farm in Chukotka. 

Crew members of first Atomic icebreaking ship “Lenin” on the ski walk around the ship.

Little Andrew, the son of the deer herder. 1962.

Genadiy – young citizen of Chukotka. 1966.

“A club”.

“A meeting on the coast”.

Popular Soviet musicians come to tour the oil rigs of the Arctic.

Chukotka boys climb a tree.

Saving people from the ship wreck in cold Arctic waters.

Hunting in Tundra.

Establishing a radio link with a village.


Chukotka in 1980s.

Hope you like those!


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