5 Moscow Police Hires Ten Dogs to Fight Parking Violators

Moscow Police Hires Ten Dogs to Fight Parking Violators

Posted on December 1, 2014 by tim

We told you some stories of how drivers put different stuff on their plates in order to cover them from the parking enforcement cameras and workers, and avoid paying for parking and parking fines. Recently, Moscow police has hired ten dogs to run after the parking enforcement cars and clean up the plates, removing the pieces of junk car owners place there.

Here, a few of them have already started working and we have a report on how the dogs help parking enforcement:

So people park like this all over Moscow.

But here the Moscow parking dogs have arrived.

Here is a sample target for the dog’s job.

Voila – the dog knows what to do.

One more.

Whoops – no obstacles covering the plates and no angry owner who is yelling “You don’t have a right to touch my car!!”. Go yell this to a dog!

Police reports that the dogs are trained to put trash into the trashcans later.

Watching for new targets to appear.

Car owner prepares to put junk on her plate but a dog is on guard.

Checking if someones parking is expired.


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5 Responses to “Moscow Police Hires Ten Dogs to Fight Parking Violators”

  1. Erik says:

    Dogs are honest ! What an interesting post .

  2. dom says:

    Can somebody explain this? Police in Russia cant touch cars?

    • ED says:

      It was a joke. There are no dogs, blogger invented them. Would like to once again draw attention to people who hide their numbers, deliberately breaking the law. Such is the social advertising. Аnd it is not the police, it is only the inspector checking parking fees.

  3. Mike Van In says:

    More bullshit from lazy englishrussia “editors”. I used to really like this site – but it’s becoming filled with more rubbish like this article.

  4. junk cars atl says:

    This was inspiring. I should get back to work now, but I will be checking for updates on your site.

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