10 Moscow Right Now

Moscow Right Now

Ilya, the photographer, likes his city, so he takes his camera and goes for a walk and snaps some photos. We
repost them here so that people of all countries can take a virtual walk together with Ilya around the city.

7 Trip to Russian Northern Most Town Dixon

Trip to Russian Northern Most Town Dixon

Russia is a pretty Northern country (remember Siberia and all those stereotypes about very cold climes). However, even the Northern country must have some place that is the Northernmost, and in Russia this place is the town of Dixon - the most Northern Russian place where people live on constant basis. Interestingly, this place is on the ocean coast - but this ocean is the Arctic Ocean so the water is always ice cold and for most of the year covered with ice. Still people enjoy an "Ocean View". The population of the town is 657 people and most of the town
is situated on the island for some reason. Denis has visited the place and now we have a chance to peek into the most Arctic place in Russia. So here is the story: To get to Dixon one has to wait. First you need to wait for a suitable day as there is only one plane going there from Norilsk city and it goes there just a few times each month. You can't book the tickets in advance. People can only buy tickets to this town by standing in line. So Denis went there and stood in line and finally he got his ticket.
5 Huge Belaz Trucks Smash Toyota

Huge Belaz Trucks Smash Toyota

        Belaz trucks are giant Belarussian (previously Soviet made) trucks that are used to transport large amounts of iron or other ore in one trip. They come in a few versions - the smallest and lightest trucks weigh 70 tons! The biggest Belaz is
huge and weighs 360 tonnes. Like the one on the picture above. Now let's come inside and see more of these metal monsters and also see what happens when some of them back up late at night and simply don't notice a Toyota car parked behind them.
0 Best Photos from Russia in October

Best Photos from Russia in October

Almost everyday we publish in Twitter best photos of Russia we can find. And here is a slideshow of what we have chosen in October to be most bright and remembered shots made in Russia or nearby. Please enjoy those 20 Best Photos of
Russia, youtube edition, as on youtube we can make them slide showing all on one page. Also you can switch to HD for the best quality. And if you want to get photos daily you can subscribe to English Russia twitter.

4 Photos of Kurill Islands: Rasshua Island

Photos of Kurill Islands: Rasshua Island

A group of photographers continue to travel through the Kurill Islands - the group of islands that border Japan and were previously Japanese territory. This one is
a tiny Rasshua island, however even on this tiny piece of land there are remains of Japanese roads, fortifications and awesome nature. Let's see it!

2 Saving Equipment from Shattered Ice

Saving Equipment from Shattered Ice

When traveling on an atomic ice-breaker, the crew often make stops and drop different equipment onto the ice, because the mission is not purely entertainment but rather scientific research. So people disembark onto the ice and spend time doing some scientific stuff, staying for days on the ice near the ship. However, there is a risk of the ice shattering,
sometimes it can happen very fast and these things are hard to predict. Now, this time when Sergey travelled with an icebreaker team, they had three containers of scientific equipment, life supplies and a few people out there on ice, when suddenly the ice broke and people were cut off from the ship. See how it went further on:

70 Donetsk Airport from Above

Donetsk Airport from Above

This is (or this was?) a Donetsk airport. Photographed from above and became famous lately for the battles still going on there even there not much of those on other parts of
Ukraine. By the way, to remind you, Donetsk is the largest metropolitan area in Eastern Ukraine. Also inside you can find a video of the bridge somewhere near by.

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