15 Donetsk Today

Donetsk Today

Dmitriy has visited Donbass - the region where the fighting was going on over Summer, around Donetsk, Ukraine and these are the photos he brought back. The
building in this photo above is a museum: "Didn't have a chance to visit the museum this summer, and it seems I never will be able to..." Let's see more:

18 Sheglovski Val Military Factory

Sheglovski Val Military Factory

A "Sheglovski Val" military factory was having an open house (why are they doing this at all?) and some photographers visited, so here are a few photos from inside what were once the secret chambers of the place where modern
weapons are being produced. Like those two missile laden trucks you can see in top photo - they are painted in sand color which means they are going to be exported to some Southern countries with deserts, etc.

5 Ancient Churches of Armenia

Ancient Churches of Armenia

Armenia was the first country to officially convert to Christianity, it happened in the IV century and can still be traced through the ancient architecture preserved until our times. Practically every small Armenian village or town has its own church that
could often be dated to the IV-VIII centuries. By the way, it's hard to confuse an Armenian church with any other's, even with a Georgian one, not to mention Russian or Byzantine churches. Its most distinctive feature is a cone-shaped dome.
5 Abandoned Childrens Place

Abandoned Childrens Place

We have here an abandoned Soviet place for kids. A lot of the large Soviet factories had those compounds around the big cities, or if the company was really big and "rich" - right at the Southern coast of the Black Sea. They were sending the kids of the workers during the vacations for free to have fun and rest. A free
summer camp and stuff. However, now a lot of these places lie abandoned. Especially the ones that are not on the coast. The ones on the coast were quickly acquired by private owners and now are premium hotels, etc. So let's take a look at the photos photographer Deletant has taken while there.

10 Autumn is a Harvest Time

Autumn is a Harvest Time

We know that fall is harvest time, and soldiers also know it. In the Soviet Union, it was a common tradition to send soldiers, students of
colleges and universities, and others to help pick the crops. However, these are not photos from the Soviet years, but from 2014.

11 Soviet Exploration of the Unused Lands

Soviet Exploration of the Unused Lands

In Soviet times, it was kind of trendy among the young people to go to the "exploration of the new lands" - like the great campaign on gaining food independence of the Soviet Union - as they were importing grains and more. So
they decided to use the huge land masses that they already had but where nobody was farming them. Because private farming was forbidden at the time, they did it through governmental structures. Let's read on:
3 Seasons of Franz Joseph Land

Seasons of Franz Joseph Land

      Franz Joseph Land is one of the Northernmost parts of Russia and consists of multiple islands which lay as far to the North as Northern Greenland, pretty much one of the closest lands to the North Pole. You can read
more about it on Wiki here. However, what is our point of interest today is the change of seasons on Franz Joseph Land. A photographer travelled there and took a few photos in each season in exactly the same place:

22 Exploring the Giant Sinkhole of Yamal Peninsula

Exploring the Giant Sinkhole of Yamal Peninsula

Today you are going to see photos from a mysterious phenomena that happened deep in the Northern Russia. A giant hole in the Earth appeared in the Yamal peninsula some time ago there. Sometime ago  helicopter flyby was made to take the photos and confirm that the thing exists and it is not the result of some weapon being used or natural causes? Then they sent a second group
of scientists to explore the place. The scientists went there and weren't able to go too close as the land was collapsing all the time and there were strong winds on the surface and it was considered dangerous conditions to carry on. So they returned again in the winter, for the third time. And we have those exclusive photos! Let's see how it was.

3 Visiting an Airbase

Visiting an Airbase

  Sergey goes and visits another airbase in Russia to see the newly modernized MiG-31BM planes. Want to see
them? He took some nice photos and we here are not tired of looking at Russian fighter jets, are we?

13 Soviet People Not Smiling Photos in 1970s

Soviet People Not Smiling Photos in 1970s

Sometimes we post Soviet Union photos where people are smiling, laughing, doing stuff and look happy, and then we think "Man, that's propaganda! They didn't live like that". So now let's see some
other approach to the Soviet reality. Vladimir, a photographer, was enjoying taking photos of life around him in the city of Moscow in the 1970s. In his photos people tend to smile less.

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