9 Trip to a Fantastic Old Ships Graveyard

Trip to a Fantastic Old Ships Graveyard

  Just imagine an old Soviet place where ships - warships, regular ships, etc - which are cut in half or into pieces remain for years. Tons of stuff to explore and photograph. That's why Vladimir Malder has
gone all the way to the most Western part of Russia - Kaliningrad, to visit this secret abandoned place, which is of course forbidden to enter. Want to see what he saw there? Read on!

10 Russian Khokhloma: Red and Black on Gold

Russian Khokhloma: Red and Black on Gold

Every Russian knows what khokhloma is. It's an old Russian handicraft having its own distinctive features: wooden utensils and furniture are painted green, black and red on gold. Maybe they are not very functional, but they definitely carry some magic. The city called Semenov (Nizhny Novgorod region) where, Russian
matryoshka dolls are also made, considers itself to be the place where "Khokhloma" was born. Other cities may argue, but Semenov still has workshops for creating miracles of khokhloma. Russian blogger Yaroslav took the opportunity to visit one of them and take these interesting pictures.

7 Ordinary Russian People of 19th Century

Ordinary Russian People of 19th Century

This is probably one of the oldest collection of photos of Russian people. What makes it more interesting are that they are not some aristocratic high class ladies or gentlemen dressed as if they are going to a party, but regular people from the streets caught in the act of their profession - like the one on top, who
is a water delivery man right from the streets of 19th century St. Petersburg - as it was seen by great Russian classical writers. If you ever read Dostoevsky this is a chance to see the real photos of people he was describing as the time caught in this photo matches the time of his stories.

2 Inside of a Rocket Engines University

Inside of a Rocket Engines University

A guy has paid a visit to the Kharkiv University of Rocket Engine Building and saw what they had in the buildings for students to learn the mechanics of these things. He was really impressed with his visit, this is what he says: "In these photos is just a small fraction of what they have got in there! There is a
section the same size as a small town, all packed with old helicopters, rockets, radars, planes and even air-to-air refueling planes". This university has ten buildings, twelve dorm complexes and its own centralized water heating system. He has shared some photos from inside the complex.

6 Belyanas: Forgotten River Giants

Belyanas: Forgotten River Giants

Today few people know what the word "Belyana" means, but just a hundred years ago giant ships called "Belyanas" were sailing along the Volga and Vetluga rivers and probably
were the most unique river craft in the world. Even today they would seem huge. Some of them were up to 120 m long, and they could reach six meters in height.

0 Nizhnekamsk: Russian Oil Refining Capital

Nizhnekamsk: Russian Oil Refining Capital

Nizhnekamsk is an industrial city in Russia, the largest oil refinery and chemical plant in the whole of Europe. The city is in the Tatarstan region of Russia, which has huge oil reserves - they say there will be enough to produce the same
amounts of oil as they do now for at least thirty more years - the same volume each year. So one of our favorite photographers, Slava, has visited this place and we can see its huge chemical facilities from the air.  

13 This Girl Has an Unusual Hobby

This Girl Has an Unusual Hobby

Maria, a mathematician from Novosibirsk "scientists city" as it was called in Soviet times, has a pretty unusual hobby. Can you guess what is she up to just by looking at the photo above? Probably the first thought
that comes to mind is that her hobby is flying planes. Well, not really. Maria is not flying planes, Maria has a large passenger jet to restore piece by piece, slowly. Want to know more? Read on:

10 Exclusive: Birth of Russian Matryoshka Dolls

Exclusive: Birth of Russian Matryoshka Dolls

Matryoshka is one of the most recognizable symbols of Russia. It is brought from the country as a souvenir usually bought only by foreigners. Blogger Yaroslav
visited a place in a little town called Semenov where these wooden dolls are made and he took some curious photos that are presented inside this post.

3 Russian Army Playing Cards

Russian Army Playing Cards

To get a better idea of the Russian army, you might want to see the playing cards with Russian army comics probably made by soldiers or by ex-soldiers. In order to make
it even more cool, one might want to print them out and have your own personal Russian army playing cards as these ones are in high resolution if clicked.
11 Just Now: Land Has Collapsed Under Houses UPDATED

Just Now: Land Has Collapsed Under Houses UPDATED

    We have just received these photos about this giant sinkhole which has appeared right in the middle of the
settlement, with one house reportedly fallen under the ground. Let's see a couple more photos inside:

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