5 One Day of a Russian Polar Explorer

One Day of a Russian Polar Explorer

Posted on November 28, 2014 by team

We've just had a post about awesome icebreakers sailing to the farthest places of our planet and right now we are going to visit one them.

A Russian polar explorer Alexey, 39, tells about his ordinary working day at the cold pole of the Earth, the Russian Antarctic station "Vostok". You are invited to spend his January 31, 2014 with him.

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7.50 a.m. - time to wake up.


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5 Responses to “One Day of a Russian Polar Explorer”

  1. RobertM says:

    LMAO! I can’t believe the first comment I see on this site is a SPAM message in Russian! Bozhe moj!

  2. andy says:

    Just ignore comments by these trolls – they are all over the web.
    Thanks, ER for these photos which show Russia’s scientific
    strength in the Antarctic!

  3. Jim William says:

    Great post …as always! Thanks!

  4. Erik says:

    What a group of dedicated people !
    Thanks ER .
    As always , thought provoking and interesting .

  5. Hanni-Ba'al Lenguadeserpiente says:

    The perforation was complete sucessful since 2011, why russian people maintain this in complete secretism until this photos? No other information about this scientific expedition exist in the web or the results for the 5D drilling Vostok Lake. I know something about a DNA bachteria founded in the head of the drill before complete the drilling, in 2013, but no more. Now, this year, USA has the same prupose in other subterrean lake in Antartida. This seems to rare to me

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