16 Abandoned Exploration Tools and Vehicles of Franz Josef Land

Abandoned Exploration Tools and Vehicles of Franz Josef Land

Posted on November 27, 2014 by tim

You probably remember that a few days ago there was a posting about the seasons changing in Franz Josef Land - one of the most Northern Russian islands, being on the latitude of Northern Greenland, and being uninhabited. However, the fact that nobody lives there doesn't mean that there is no activity. In fact, there are tons of the old Soviet vehicles, tools, tractors, devices and you name it. Want to take a look?

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You can click for the wide screen versions. These things are all over the island.


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16 Responses to “Abandoned Exploration Tools and Vehicles of Franz Josef Land”

  1. kafa says:

    learn english pls

  2. kraken says:

    Red plague (soviets, russians) is able only to produce weapons and left trash like this in picture.

  3. Adam C says:


  4. Peter Thompson says:

    Should not all the old machinery and vehicles be removed from these places and perhaps melted down as scrap metal? It is environmentally damaging and something of a blot on the landscape. Throughout Russia there must be untold millions of roubles in scrap metal just lying around. This is serious environmental pollution.

  5. Jim William says:

    the postapocalyptic guy …This would make a good setting for a science fiction movie.

  6. Peter Thompson says:

    Hmmn ….. still reckon a good clean-up needed. :(

  7. Kent_Diego says:

    I imagine there will be little left in 100 years. Surprised the heavy snow and ice has not crushed the vehicles.

    • Andrew says:

      Northern nature is very slow and conservative. This scrap can be quickly dissolved in equatorial jungle, not tundra.

  8. Mister Twister says:

    What arctic expedition is complete without a Freddie Krueger pic? None.

  9. Les Hayward says:

    The remarkable lack of corrosion of some of the electronics is a tribute to Russian engineering.

    • Tijmen says:

      Arctic regions are like deserts; low humidity and very little downpour. Things corrode very, very slowly down (or up?) there. I think most corrosion comes from salty sea air and meltwater.

  10. aldebaran says:

    The rifle is a shot gun to scare off the eventual polar bear.

  11. sergei says:

    I served there as a soldier in 1991-1992, I remember this place very often …

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