1 400 Meter Down Underground: A Potassium Mine

400 Meter Down Underground: A Potassium Mine

Posted on November 25, 2014 by tim

And this is what the miners workplace looks like.

And he is a miner, the operator of the machine.

And this is a warehouse, close to the elevator, where the ore and minerals are transported by conveyor belts. From here it goes further up. There are some people in this photo for scale.

This machine in the storage area mills the ore and minerals to a finer grain before it is raised up.

So now the guys and the ore are coming up in the same lift.

Back into the sun light!

And this is what is on the surface. Not just a mine but a factory where the potassium fertilizers are being made.

They have some long conveyor belts on the surface, too.


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  1. Lucy Parker says:

    Very interesting trip! Thank you Yuri.

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