19 Zil Army Car

Zil Army Car

Posted on November 24, 2014 by tim

ZIL is a pretty old Russian car factory making trucks, etc. Now they have come up with something else. By the special order of Russian army, they rolled out this creepmobile. Some more photos inside.

It might become an official car for the Russian army in 2015.

Strange mix of old Soviet engineering and video cameras – this car has six of them around it.



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19 Responses to “Zil Army Car”

  1. Alain says:

    Looks a bit like a Batmobile…

    • Soviet Samurai says:

      it’s true, us evil Russians stole the design from the most noble peace keepers of the world. We would have gotten away with it too if you haven’t discovered our plan to brainwash the world with our movies. We were going to make a Batman movie with Americans as the bad guys.

      • Alain says:

        Evil, certainly not for Russian people. But paranoid, definitely ! I did not had a single ounce of bad thinking on this, and still some ridiculous comments on east-west ! Why so ? I’m really sad to see that 25 years have not definitely buried the 70 previous years :(

  2. Pom2Ter says:

    Its certainly fugly… wow I didn’t think I could see such an ugly thing… well at least not this soon in the 21st century I mean I expected mankind to take some time before getting this low…

    • Alain says:

      Ugly is not important. What is important is, is it efficient ? And it looks like (from the outside)…

      From the inside, ZIL bureaus still have a lot of work to learn in terms of design, although :D

      • Pom2Ter says:

        Indeed they do have a lot of work to do for the inside but Alain I think its well known that Russians are not known for their capacity to produce something ergonomic and easy on the eye :p

        • Alain says:

          Indeed. But they are known to produce efficient things. Do you know the story about the space race ? Americans spent millions of dollars to produce a ball-pen which would work in weightlessness. …Russians used pencils :)

          That’s why I am on English Russia : because Russians can be clever and efficient. But beside this, they can also be paranoid and aggressive, unfortunately…

          • Pom2Ter says:

            Sergei Korolev was truly a genius and I am a maniac of the soviet space program :) Yes Alain I am aware of that fact about the pencils and the crazy amounts spent to develop the ball pen. It doesn’t always require the most complicated solution to produce something functional. You just need to make it work!

            • VVP says:

              From wikipedia, in case you did not know: A common urban legend states that NASA spent a large amount of money to develop a pen that would write in space (the result purportedly being the Fisher Space Pen), while the Soviets just used pencils.[2][3] Like most urban legends, there is a grain of truth: NASA began to develop a space pen, but when development costs skyrocketed the project was abandoned and astronauts went back to using pencils, along with the Soviets.[2][3] However, the claim that NASA spent millions on the Space Pen is incorrect, as the Fisher pen was developed using private capital, not government funding. NASA – and the Soviets[3][4][5] – eventually began purchasing such pens.


              • Alain says:

                Whatever, it’s funny enough and shows the pragmatism of Russians, which has been demonstrated elsewhere (and quite often on English Russia :D)

                • Verners says:

                  Not sure if you read all of my comment or if you used the word pragmatism incorrectly, but any way, the short version:

                  Russian Cosmonauts used pencils, NASA Astronauts used pencils. One private firm (Fisher) made the “Space Pen” with private funding (not NASA or government money), after that, NASA Astronauts AND Russian Cosmonauts bought “Space Pens” from Fisher and used them instead of pencils (both probably used pencils and space pen for different tasks/needs/reasons).

                  • Alain says:

                    I did. I mean, Russians are pragmatic, much more than Americans. This urban legend (I liked it, but whatever) mainly illustrated this point, even if a legend.

                    Now, I fully understand the problem with the pencils and your link explains it perfectly…

  3. Colin says:

    Is this street legal? I want one.

  4. Wojtek says:

    its army car!!!!!! : not maybach with 1000 kg electronics for stupid people they dont now how to change wheel in car.

  5. Slava says:

    Like a wild cry for attention, this car only has the looks. The structual design does not seem very rigid and an explosion from below would send it flying. All the axles are open for enemy fire. Generic production cameras used, same you can buy from ebay. Not very reliable at all.

  6. Mister Twister says:

    That car is beautiful.

  7. Floydr says:

    no seat belts, doors held by rope. Seems legit

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