3 Russian Army Playing Cards

Russian Army Playing Cards

Posted on November 20, 2014 by tim

To get a better idea of the Russian army, you might want to see the playing cards with Russian army comics probably made by soldiers or by ex-soldiers. In order to make it even more cool, one might want to print them out and have your own personal Russian army playing cards as these ones are in high resolution if clicked.


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3 Responses to “Russian Army Playing Cards”

  1. andy says:

    This deck of cards is all Jokers! In US, military caracatures were not so common, but “sad sack” was popular, and many political cartoons in newspapers portrayed US soldiers as victims of America’s many and constant wars.

  2. Mister Twister says:

    What age?

  3. RobertM says:

    It’s Navy, not Army.

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