5 Abandoned Childrens Place

Abandoned Childrens Place

Posted on November 18, 2014 by tim


We have here an abandoned Soviet place for kids. A lot of the large Soviet factories had those compounds around the big cities, or if the company was really big and “rich” – right at the Southern coast of the Black Sea. They were sending the kids of the workers during the vacations for free to have fun and rest. A free summer camp and stuff. However, now a lot of these places lie abandoned. Especially the ones that are not on the coast. The ones on the coast were quickly acquired by private owners and now are premium hotels, etc. So let’s take a look at the photos photographer Deletant has taken while there.




What he particularly liked in this place were the old sculptures of Russian writers and of Lenin, scattered all over the place.0_924b7_87a1de7e_orig 0_924b6_8cc2661d_orig

Some Soviet vinyl.0_924b5_82a7d001_orig

Cracked pavement.


Playground and a ping pong table.0_924b2_3488426d_orig

A pool.0_924b0_d40a2aec_orig 0_924a2_5a0949ad_orig

Some sort of summer house.0_924a1_b09b390a_orig

Another thing.–nextpage–0_92498_ea5e0861_orig

Some sort of a building.0_92497_c565f0b5_orig

Here small trees are already growing around a building and you can see how nature is regaining what previously belonged to it.0_924b9_92c13d1e_orig

And now the sculptures.0_924bb_8706acd6_orig

Covered with moss and dry leaves.0_924ba_6a598924_orig

0_924bc_ad8fb26b_orig 0_924bd_a673dd4a_origAnd Lenin.

Hope you liked this little trip. Soviet kids were pretty happy getting all this for free, far from the big cities, all by themselves, having campfires, walking around the woods and swimming in those pools, now it’s all gone!

Thanks to Deletant for the awesome photos.


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5 responses to “Abandoned Childrens Place”

  1. john says:

    Its sad to see things go that way, the kids must of looked forward to going to those camps

  2. Cpt. Obvious says:

    “Another thing”

    Thanks for the commentary. Rich and informative.

  3. Mister Twister says:

    That is some lovely architecture. AND DID ANYONE SAVE THAT VINYL??

  4. Karen says:

    “Some kind of building” best description ever lol

  5. javox says:

    ohh capitalism what would do without it? this were the most important things of the soviet past maybe

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