7 Over Twenty Bank ATMs Were Lately Blown Up in Russia to Get Cash

Over Twenty Bank ATMs Were Lately Blown Up in Russia to Get Cash

Posted on November 12, 2014 by tim





What you see on this picture and on the other pictures inside of this post is the story that is being unfolded now in Russia (and Ukraine). Gangs  use new tactics to get money from the ATMs – they blow them up terrorizing the population and neighbors with the loud full scale explosions all for just getting to the inner parts of the machines where the valuables are stored.

Inside you’ll see shocking aftermath of this “War on ATMs” and also a video captured by a bank camera how one of the ATMs was exploded. Let’s see.







People are waking up to the loud booms with their apartments rattling when the ATM in the store on the first floor exploded sending the parts of it as far as 50 meters away.vlcsnap-2014-02-11-16h38m28s133 vlcsnap-2014-02-11-16h37m33s68


The crime scene is closed for the investigation.vlcsnap-2014-02-11-16h37m49s227

The looters has managed to get over 2,500,000 rubles which equaled around 50 thousand dollars at time.  DETAIL_PICTURE__83785640






And here is another SBERBANK atm exploded right in the bank office where the people entered freely.





Also the ATMs installed inside the bank with the terminal outside still can be exploded and being exploded.



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Another example from Ukraine – the exploded ATM damaged the parked cars.383705351-2


And one more.

You might think that they use some professional grade explosives to accomplish this? The answer is NO. The usual method to blow up an ATM in Russia nowadays is… propane.1384322859_delate-news-images_1383632360_ba-2


See here they try to feed the propane inside the ATM body.




Those tubes of gas – propane and hydrogen are often being founded on spot.





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7 Responses to “Over Twenty Bank ATMs Were Lately Blown Up in Russia to Get Cash”

  1. Jim Beam says:

    The cost of a new ATM is multiple times the cost of its valuable content.

  2. Pim says:

    Nothing new, criminals have been doing it with propane for years already.

  3. Darius says:

    Yes, I wanted to say the same. We had also a wave of these robberies a few years ago.

  4. somewords says:

    guys in France buy “black market” explosive like c4, (ex balkan weaponry) or launch a heavy car onto the automate.


    atm machine are loved around the world…

  5. andy says:

    My bank (in US) has been eliminating ATM’s and even branches in rural areas, steadily but slowly for five years. Wonder why?

  6. Grabovsky says:

    That darn Katz! (pic. 5)
    They are ATM snatchers!
    We ought to have Macskafogó to save our finances. :)

    (as in animation movie Macskafogó(1986))

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