4 Boarding Russian High Speed Train

Boarding Russian High Speed Train

Posted on November 9, 2014 by tim

Have you seen these Russian trains? Well not actually Russian, they are made by SIEMENS however in Russia they are branded with the Russian word “SAPSAN” after the fastest known bird, and here they are. Yaroslavl, the photographer, visited a train station during the boarding of the three millionth passenger and took some photos of the trains and what was going on around. You are welcome to see more:

Here, the train is arriving. As far as I know, there are two routes for these trains in Russia. One is from Moscow to St. Petersburg and the other is from Moscow to Gorky city which is now known as Nizhni Novgorod. The trains are ultra fast and can probably run up to 300 kmh, however see the rails on the pic? The rails are old Soviet rails. Look, you can even see them bending. So their speed is very limited.

It gets to the point of the maximum speed of around 178 kmh in one place of the route, however the distance is around 421 km/h so it takes as long as 3:55, almost four hours! Not that fast compared to Chinese speeds and the form of the train.

That’s sort of a pity and they decided to take the trains completely off the route from Moscow to Gorky/Nizhni Novgorod as Yaroslav says. So the only route in Russia where can you board those trains would be Moscow – Petersburg.

Though it looks pretty awesome.

Yaroslavl says locals don’t like these trains and often throw rocks at them. Like this train which has just arrived but has a shattered window, too. I am not sure what the reason for such hostility is.

While he was getting these photos, he was confronted by local railroad Police even though he had all the required permissions.

This guy checks the tickets and PASSPORTS. You can’t board a train in Russia without showing your passport.

And this is a certificate for the three millionth passenger. Who doesn’t know yet that there is a whole ambush prepared to find him or her and give them this thing.

Waiting and counting passengers. 2,999,998.. 2,999,999..

Meanwhile lets see what’s inside. It’s a bit like a plane.


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  1. pugachov says:

    Its not russian, only in russia. Or siemens is old soviet company…. who knows!

  2. Vijay says:

    Trains are cool, very nice set indeed. Thanks for efforts and sharing. :))

  3. David says:

    What’s the use of having a high-speed train when you can only take advantage of less than half of its potential?

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