16 A Story of one Soldier Who Was Sent to Cut Woods

A Story of one Soldier Who Was Sent to Cut Woods

Posted on November 9, 2014 by tim

There was one soldier who was serving his conscription and it was almost finished. However, before he was discharged from the service he had to perform just one final task. There was a sort of tradition by Soviet commanders to give their soldiers a difficult final task before they wave “good bye” and leave. So in the case of this particular soldier the task was to cut wood (yes in the Soviet army soldiers were often used in different civil jobs like cutting wood or building houses). So there was a plot in the forest, a future high voltage power line lane that needed to be cleared, like the one on the picture above. That was a task of at least one month of pretty heavy labor. However…

At first the soldier was very sad. Just imagine, they were almost free from their military service but now they have this stupid task! Of course, it was not a one man job, there was a group of soldiers, a whole squad that were given the task. However, one soldier seemed to have a solution and got creative, very creative, with this task.

What did he do? He went to the forest and marked all the wood that needed to be cut, out in equal size squares. Then he went to the nearby village. In the village each house at that time was heated only with firewood, no coal, no electric heating, just plain old wood is burned. And it was already autumn, a pretty chilly time. The soldier said: “I am in charge of one plot in the forest and I have very cheap firewood there. However you should take care of it yourself after you buy it from me”.

All the village RUSHED to the cheap wood and like a swarm of locusts cut everything down. It took them just two days, instead of the initial plan of the commanders who wanted their soldiers to work hard for the last month.

So the soldiers left the service just three days after they got the task.

…and more than that there was a bunch of good old Soviet cash. You might want to know what they did with it? The soldier divided all of the money into three equal parts. One part he gave to their commanders. The second he gave to his friends who were remaining in the army to serve their time, and the third part he divided between the soldiers who were leaving the army. There was a lot of cash.

And here we have a photo of this soldier. His name is Roman Abramovich, he is one of the richest people in modern Russia.

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16 Responses to “A Story of one Soldier Who Was Sent to Cut Woods”

  1. Erik says:

    Great story !! As a wood heating person
    I was delighted .

  2. Ryan says:

    A Jew selling Russian peasants wood from their own forest.

    What a surprise.

  3. Vijay says:

    Amazing story indeed, thanks for sharing. :))

  4. mario says:

    A Jew – what a surprise…

    • Ryan says:

      As Abramovich, the Jew guilty of usury and treason at the highest levels, sneers at the starving Russian peasants living in the forest “CUT DOWN THE TREES, CHOP THE WOOD, GIVE ME THE MEAGER FUNDS YOU HAVE SAVED FROM YEARS OF TOIL, AND THEN CART THE WOOD AWAY SO I DON’T HAVE TO!” and off the poor, beaten and starved Russian peasants went, thinking of how their parents and grandparents died in generations before, at the hands of the Jewish political commissars of the Cheka and NKVD.

  5. BS says:

    Source please.

  6. Mister Twister says:

    A modern fairytale with a nice little lesson at the end.

  7. Oops says:

    Why is he named ROMAN ARKADEVIC’ in the photo?

  8. Bob says:

    very naive, tale for young children…))

  9. ho fo sho says:

    Such a nice Russian fable about the crafty Jews.

    Neonazism apparently isn’t confined to Ukraine.

  10. Yosoy says:

    ¿no hubo amenazas?¿estan seguro de que no hubo amenazas?¿recordando el GULAG? … me parece un cuento muy de ellos … donde ellos son inteligentes y el resto bobos … TRAMPOSO AL FIN Y AL CABO …

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