33 Faces Before and After Russian Airborne Service [20 photos]

Faces Before and After Russian Airborne Service [20 photos]

Posted on November 8, 2014 by tim

We already compared some people’s faces yesterday, but here is something different. A Russian photographer Yuri, has taken photos of eleven Russian guys that served in one of the hardest places to serve – in the Russian airborne forces. The first photo was taken during their first days in the army and the second is close to the completion of their service. Airbornes jump from planes, go through walls of fire, participate in fights, etc, etc. More than that, Airborne forces are known for their harsh relationships between the soldiers themselves, especially new ones and the more experienced ones. So let’s see if we can spot any differences?

Can you see how different they have become? If yes – what is this difference? Do they seem more experienced? More “seen life”?

Site of the photographer

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33 Responses to “Faces Before and After Russian Airborne Service [20 photos]”

  1. JD says:


  2. anonfrom4chan says:

    they seem changed

  3. Piotr says:

    Ah, the sight of boys becoming men. It is truly a blessing.

    • coolhand says:

      More like the sight of men becoming frightened, isolated, disillusioned and dehumanized… waR kills and preparation for waR is dehumanizing.

  4. Alper says:

    They seem a bit more relaxed.

  5. Vijay says:

    Lost weight after the training for sure.

  6. Alain says:

    Do Russia lives only around its army currently ? Isn’t there anything more interesting than that in this huge country ?

    • Pierre says:

      Without its army this no Russia. You need a strong army to keep this huge land as one country and scare its inhabitant otherwise it will collapse… isn’t it obvious?

  7. xm3 says:

    Let take them pictures before and after Ukrainian campaign.

    • Alain says:

      Less smiles, more blood (for those who are still alive).

      Thanks Vova for all this…

    • MAXDMG says:

      Maybe someone try real photoes when russian army on ukraine? In Krimea you see russian army, on donbass no, only fakes. Maybe if russia start the war on Ukraine they uses they aviation and new technic and weapons? And Ukraine soldiers dont go in russia without food and medicine?

      • Alain says:

        Unfortunately impossible : the Russian don’t come back alive from Ukraine…

        • MAXDMG says:

          And resurrect in russia posting video on youtube. Ohh we re die, but never get into Ukraine))) Or maybe donbass rebels with people many from nations are now call russian army? Ukraine fights with France? Or Belarus? Or Serbia? Maybe war starts for win? RF just bomb ukrainian army like in georgia. All other opinions just shit, because dosn’t make sense.

  8. Mort says:

    For sure, it doesn’t look like the service raised their IQ even a bit…

  9. Ruben Farje says:

    they look better

  10. Ruben Farje says:

    and like more chobby each one, means good food

  11. Rob Normann says:

    Great pitures and how amazing to see how their confidence have grown.

  12. Aleksandr says:

    Of all those men, only the first and the last ones are actually airborne judging by the coat of arms and telnyashka (striped vest). Others are just regular infantry, and two of them turned into musicians by the end of the term.

  13. Graham Wilson says:

    Spot the obvious mistake(s). Only two of these blokes, the first and last illustrated, are wearing Airborne Troops insignia. The rest all wear the 2004 pattern Motor Rifle Troops insignia in their “start of service” image. Of these, two ended up in the Military Band branch and one in Signal Troops (going by the insignia worn anyway). Also, second from the top on Page 2 is dead set wearing old SOVIET Motor Rifle Troops insignia. I’m an Australian and I picked up these errors.

    • Andrei says:

      I agree, I served, I know.

    • fallout11 says:

      The 2nd from top on 2nd page is wearing the most current motor rifles collar tabs in their “end of service” photo, which look all the world like the old Soviet-era ones (star in wreath). Note they are also the new subdued green tint.
      The 2004-pattern motor rifles tabs (crossed rifles) have been retired as of early 2014.
      All pictured served between 2012 and the present, since they have rank tabs on shoulder epaulets (pogoni-style), which reflects a change ordered in November 2012 from the previous center chest and left arm rank positions.
      The newest uniforms (VKBO, just being rolled out) will be replacing the collar pins with embroidered, velcro-attached branch of service insignia.

  14. IcePeople says:

    They look much healthier, more mature, and much more confident. Good training leads to good results.

  15. ALexander says:

    They are not all from airborn…

  16. Jon jon says:

    Zenaik ckzitilon on abjha monthsokju.

  17. Peter says:

    They look gay. (Airborne forces are known for their harsh relationships between the soldiers themselves, especially new ones and the more experienced ones)

  18. ... says:

    they seem to be more happier afterwards. service cannot be that good…

  19. Marisha says:

    They look ugly )

  20. uKER says:

    More peaceful, more relaxed. Better hair even. Anyone could think the left ones are the “after ones”.

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