5 Life is Changing  People

Life is Changing People

Posted on November 7, 2014 by tim

Alisa is the name, the name of one Soviet rock band that was pretty much underground at first but still had tons of fans. Those fans tried to look rebellious, like the band leader, and not conform with society in any possible way: drinking, smoking, wearing torn clothes and atypical haircuts.

Sergei was one such “ALISA” fan, they were called “ALISOMAN” the word derived from the “Alisa” band name and “mania”. Now Sergei is a photographer and twenty years older, so he decided to find his friends from the times when they were rebels and compare how they were and what they became. Like this guy Andrei, previously known as Andreich and notoriously wild, he is now a manager. Let’s see more of Sergei’s friends, boys and girls, then and now.

So this is Andrei, the manager, when he was young and Alisa-addicted.

Now he has an office and a pretty short haircut. 

And this is Sergei, also known as “Hairy”.

He is a cameraman now, at a TV station.

Said or Denis (guess which one of the two is his real name?).

Said is a manager now, too. He sells liquor to the stores.

Now a girl, Milena.

She now sells cars.

Kira or Cyrill.

He digs ground for a living.


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5 Responses to “Life is Changing People”

  1. john says:

    That was great to see, the now and then.

  2. Vijay says:

    Amazing pictures, yes becoming normal members of society is vital indeed.

  3. Ttsuhna says:

    Most of the young people are always and everywhere rebellious.

  4. frank says:

    Milena looks better than before.

  5. Douglas says:

    Aha…the Prodigal Sons…..;))

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