4 Dagestani People of 1933

Dagestani People of 1933

Posted on November 7, 2014 by tim

Dagestan is in Southern Russia and yet very different from what you see in the rest of Russia. Different now, and was different back then in 1933 as well. It was even much more different then, just look at this guy, and it was considered a pretty normal national dress. Even now, they use those coats somewhere there but not that often, of course.

What else was cool about Degastan in 1933 and Dagestan now? It’s in the mountains. Awesome views, nature, small houses. Very large pictures you can view fullscreen with a click. Common, lets take a look:

A typical Dagestan village called “AUL”.

Some ruins near by.

This is a hydro electric power plant in Dagestan. 

A canyon between mountains.

And here is a Dagestanian elder.

And his wife.

Houses, probably Soviet architecture over there already.


Dagestanian travelers.

A typical house in Dagestan. What a view.

A shepherd.


Even more of them.

They look very tough, even now.–nextpage–


Bad that the photos are black and white.

Another typical village on the hillside.

Woman working.

Peasants in the fields.

Looks like only women are at work in the field.

And all males wander around in the village. Looking at how the blacksmith shoes a cow.


Cruising on the horses.

Or selling daggers.

Hope you liked this, and at least you know that people in Dagestan were very tough. So tough that they even had to put horseshoes on cows (as in the photo you just viewed).


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4 responses to “Dagestani People of 1933”

  1. john says:

    Excellent photo’s interesting people.

  2. Erik says:

    Tough indeed . I wonder what winters are like there ?
    English-Russia thanks again for a view into the past .

    • mememememe says:

      winters are colt in the mountains and begin early..
      they are nto so wet like in russia .. and plenty of sun.. in the winter epole use to cover their weapons with woolen wax coated covers to protect the leather sheaths from grime and mud.. also they wore straw soled shoes and boots in the winter to keet the cold from the rocky ground out of your feet. because was nto very wet it was quite comfortable,, straw soled shows were used last in dagestan some time in the 1960 or 1970s…. now they are unheard of..
      these fotos must be quite old as soviets banned carring daggers before ww2 there.. and after ww2 1947 introduced the “cold weapons act” effectivly banning daggers swords ect from general population though out russia and other republics of the soviet union some places had a little exemption or a blind eye was turned like georgia..

  3. Malc. Scalp says:

    Amazing photos but terrible standard of English in the captions.

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