2 Chinese Air Force in Lipetsk Russia

Chinese Air Force in Lipetsk Russia

Posted on November 6, 2014 by tim

Three SU-30MKK war planes of the Chinese air force have arrived in Lipetsk, Russia. It is not often that an airplane of the army of the another state is a guest in Russia, and it is even more rare to see jets from China. So here is the story and photos. By the way, those SU-30MKK are Russian SU planes that were specially designed for the needs of the Chinese air force in the early 2000s.  They are very similar to the SU-30MK planes that were designed for and sold to the Indian air force, but still there are some differences. The Russian prototypes used to design those planes were called SU-27. Sergey has taken some photos of those and has a story.

Chinese pilots looking at their own photos in the local magazine.

And here are their warplanes.


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  1. Alain says:

    I must confess the Chinese camo is even better than the Russian one…

  2. Tony says:

    “It’s pretty grey and dark compared to the white-blueish Russian warplanes in the background.”

    Chinese jets are made to be camoflauged with the smog.

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